Identify State Agencies

This project aims to submit approximately 50 requests to determine every state agency subject to public record request laws and add them to the muckrock database.

One of things that makes muckrock valuable is its large database of agencies to submit requests to. Until this point these agencies have been identified by need, whenever someone needs to submit a request to the agency, it gets added. This project aims to identify and add agencies in a systematic way utilizing public record requests. In Guam and Texas’ statutes for public information requests it states that every agency must submit an annual report to a central agency (The Attorney General) in these cases. This project aims to identify if the other states have similar central agencies that receive public record reports annually and then request the annual reports for the most recent year. Every state agency subject to public record law within that state can then be extrapolated from those reports and added to the muckrock requesting database.

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Guam Sunshine Requests

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