Help give a first read through the Mueller Report

Help give a first read through the Mueller Report

Let us know what you find newsworthy, what’s missing, and which redactions are invoked most

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The first public release of the Mueller Report is now live, and we want your help going through it to find the most interesting pages, references to other documents to request, and help us breakdown how much of it was redacted under various exemptions.

Getting started is easy: Just go to the Assignment page and answer the questions that are presented along with the page you’re shown. You can answer as many or as few as you’d like, and we’ll review and compile the data you submit to total up the most important insights.

We’re particularly interested to see which redactions are cited the most (here our guide predicting what would be withheld and why), as well as getting ideas for future requests based on reports, databases, and other FOIA-able items mentioned in the report.

You can also read the full Mueller Report embedded below:

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