Help explore Ronald Reagan's 30,000-page FBI file

Help explore Ronald Reagan’s 30,000-page FBI file

Join our crowdsourced effort to explore the hidden history of Reagan’s decades-long relationship with the Bureau

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

Ronald Reagan’s decades-long association with the Federal Bureau of Investigation - from his early days as an anti-Communist informant in Hollywood to the law and order governor of California to President of the United States during Iran-Contra - is attested to in his 30,000-page file, recently released to Emma Best. Due to the size and scope of the historical material contained in these pages, we’re using our new Assignments tool to start a crowdsourced project to hone in on the most interesting finds buried in the Bureau’s margins.

Click on the link below to start looking through the files. We’ll be highlighting your submissions in the weeks to come and offering prizes to those that end up generating new articles. Happy hunting!

Image via Ronald Reagan National Library