Help sue the CIA for its list of favorite poisons

Help sue the CIA for its list of favorite poisons

Thanks to pro bono representation, we just need to raise filing fees to fight rejection of assassination techniques

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In November, we reported on the strange rejection received by J.M. Porup when he requested information on the poisons used by the Central Intelligence Agency for assassinations: They didn’t reject the request, nor say that they didn’t have documents. They simply said that assassinations were illegal.

And while that may or may not be the case, depending on the thin line you draw between assassinations and “targeted killings,” a subject matter being illegal is not an exemption to the Freedom of Information Act. Indeed, the CIA has been known to to violate the law from time to time.

Unfortunately, the CIA didn’t even give Porup the right to appeal:

CIA Poison List rejection

Fortunately, there is now a solution: The law firm of Mark S. Zaid has agreed to represent Porup in a lawsuit for the documents pro bono - Porup just needs to raise the $500 filing fee.

As a freelance reporter, that’s still a barrier, but even more fortunately, our friends at the Freedom of the Press Foundation have offered to cover half of that fee, meaning now Porup is just trying to raise $250 to make his lawsuit a reality.

You can donate below, and track the requests progress on the request page. Any funds raised over the $250 needed will be set aside to fund future requests for national security related information.

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