Army Corps of Engineers argues releasing DAPL oil spill assessment reports would endanger lives

Report withheld in its entirety under b(7)(f), “law enforcement-related information necessary to protect the physical safety of a wide range of individuals. “

Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Michael Morisy

Army Corps of Engineers (ACoE) have rejected a FOIA request for the “assessment report on the potential impact of an oil spill of the Dakota Access pipeline,” arguing that the release of such information would people’s lives at risk.

Previously, the ACoE had obstructed access to DAPL documents by designating MuckRock - a non-profit - a commercial entity in order to charge higher processing fees. The ACoE continues to misrepresent MuckRock in outstanding DAPL-related requests.

Read the full rejection embedded below or on the request page.

Image via Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under CC BY 2.0