Foresight 2020: Help us uncover your state's recount policies in time for the next contested election

Foresight 2020: Help us uncover your state’s recount policies in time for the next contested election

With statewide recounts proceeding around the nation, how would your state do the job?

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Americans may have woken on November 9 to a new Commander-in-Waiting, but that and other determinations from Fateful Election Day 2016 are still being contested as calls for recounts keep “Who will lead the ‘free world’?” an open question.

The most recent came from Florida, where a group filed a lawsuit yesterday calling for a statewide hand recount. It isn’t likely that much will come of it before the electoral college is set to cast its votes on December 19, but with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan already in the midst of a tense retally, ensuring that every vote counts accurately will be, of course, in everybody’s best interests.

To move forward, MuckRock wants to know how to conduct a recount near you. We’ve submitted requests to Attorneys General in each state, asking for policies regarding recounts and associated costs. But we want to know how your town handles the pressure. Submit your town and county below, and we’ll ask how one may request a recount and how they would take on the task.

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