Gone Fixin': Announcing MuckRock's MDR Week 2016

Gone Fixin’: Announcing MuckRock’s MDR Week 2016

Our Mandatory Declutterification Review will keep the site running smoothly in the months to come

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MuckRock is a small team, and we’re working constantly to keep those requests going out and give you fresh FOIA reads every day. Unfortunately, that kind of upkeep doesn’t give us too much time to tackle bigger projects, which is why we’re announcing our first Mandatory Declutterification Review - a week-long editorial hiatus so we can give the site an overhaul.

We’ll still be around on Facebook and Twitter, and our regular publishing schedule will resume next week. In the meantime, we’ve put together a Summer reading list of folks in the Open Gov community whose work we can’t recommend enough.

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We’ll see you all in a week, and if there’s anything site-related you’d like to see us tackle, drop us a line at info@muckrock.com.

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