Massachusetts, we need your help to save public records reform

Massachusetts, we need your help to save public records reform

Take time to let your legislators know you expect them to stand for transparency

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

As we’ve written about time and time and time and time again, Massachusetts has some of the worst public records laws in the country. Requesters wait too long to pay too much to get too little. A bill currently under consideration could help change that, but it’s facing stiff opposition and needs your help.

First and foremost, read the bill here. While it’s hard to believe that anyone would oppose such basic improvements to a fundamentally flawed system, the Massachusetts Municipal Association is doing exactly that, and it’s calling on its members to oppose the bill. We need to meet this head-on.

Our friends at ACLU Mass have set up an easy means of contacting your legislators and letting them know that you need to see more than a “commitment to transparency.” You need to see their support of a bill that will actually make a difference. Anything less is a commitment to bureaucracy, plain and simple.

The vote is this week, so please take a minute to click on the link below, and share with anybody in the Commonwealth who’s tired of having to fight to find out what their government is doing. This is our best chance for reform, and together, we will make it happen.

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