Sharpen up those Sharpies: MuckRock is coming for NSA docs

Sharpen up those Sharpies: MuckRock is coming for NSA docs

MuckRock users crowdfund NSA data center request in under 24 hours

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Edited by Michael Morisy

In an auspicious sign for crowdsourcing transparency, MuckRock’s inaugural fund-a-FOIA campaign took less a full day to cover the NSA’s search and document reproduction fees! With small contributions from dedicated supporters of public access to government documents, MuckRock has just cut a check to the NSA for the electric bills and utility rate agreements for its Bluffdale dataplex.

In under twenty-four hours, twelve brave supporters chipped in more than $300 toward the requested documents. All funds over the fee amount will go toward releasing other NSA documents, such as the $968 tab on another of our FOIA requests, which we’re in the process of appealing.

There’s no shortage of NSA documents to request, so we’re going to leave this campaign live for a few more days. You can also help bring more transparency to the NSA by signing up for MuckRock and submitting a FOIA request of your own. If you need inspiration, check out the requests other MuckRockers have already submitted to the NSA.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, shared the campaign on social media and sent encouragement to our staff. With your support, MuckRock is committed to uncovering as much as we can about the NSA’s activities.

The NSA’s Utah Data Center docs is embedded below, and the rest can be read on the request page.