Navy documents detail support for "Battleship" filmmakers

Navy documents detail support for “Battleship” filmmakers

Assistance hinged on script approval, maintaining military readiness

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The U.S. Navy’s close collaboration with the makers of the board game-based blockbuster Battleship came with script approval, an on-set trailer and other Hollywood perks.

The film, which revolves around an alien invasion fought off by singer-turned-actor Rihanna, came with support from the Navy that included allowing use of the USS Hopper, USS Sampson, USS Ronald Reagan and USS Benfold in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

“As you know, we ask ourselves some key questions before supporting a major motion picture,” Rear Admiral Dennis Moynihan wrote in a memo released to MuckRock contributor Inkoo Kang. “First, does the script accurately portray the Navy? Second, does it positively represent our service and our Sailors? Third, can we support a film without impacting our operations? And finally, do we believe that it could have a positive impact on recruiting? In the case of BATTLESHIP, we felt the answer was ‘Yes’ to each of those questions.”

The agreement, detailed by Kang at Movieline, came with heavy creative control from the Navy. In addition to final say on any military-related script changes, a rough cut was arranged for screening in Washington to allow for final changes by Navy officials.

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