Marine Corps holds Beyoncé's voice hostage

Marine Corps holds Beyoncé’s voice hostage

Pop star’s vocals excluded from released Obama Inaugural tracks

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Three months after Beyoncé’s lip synced performance at Obama’s inauguration, the Marine Corps has responded to a FOIA request by Michael Morisy for the singer’s backup tracks. The U.S. Marine Band sent two CDs from the performance — but not the singer’s vocals, and even the tracks that were released came with a warning about posting them.

The Marine Corps letter to MuckRock states, “Please note that Ms. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s vocals/music do not belong to the Marine Corps.”

While “the recorded sound of the Marine Band is in the public domain and as such is provided per the FOIA request,” her attorney’s contact information was all that was offered for obtaining the vocal tracks.

For now, the public will have to settle for instrumental versions of several American classics, including the Marine Band’s Star Spangled Banner, Let Freedom Ring, Yankee Doodle and 33 more.

DJs eager to layer Beyoncé’s croons, however, shouldn’t hold their breath.

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