Search Warrant Data (Department of Public Safety)

Lucy Parsons Labs filed this request with the Utah Department of Public Safety of Utah.
Multi Request Search Warrant Data
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From: Lucy Parsons Labs

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Government Records Access and Management Act, I hereby request the following records:

For all search warrants, applications for search warrants, cancellations, and authorization for search warrants between 2012 to the date of processing this request, please provide the following points of record for each:

Full Name of requester
If arrest, arrest ID (eg some cities/states use, "Incident Report")
Reason(s) for search warrant (typically either hand-written, or checkboxes)
Badge ID (or similar) of requester
Name of Judge
Name of approving officer
Whether an Arrest happened
Requested location of search warrant
Location of search warrant execution
Type of search warrant
Statements used to justify search warrant
Time and date when search warrant was submitted for approval
Time and date when search warrant was executed
Whether anything was seized
Whether anything was found
License plate of vehicle (if relevant)
Race of person for search warrant
Age of person for search warrant
State of person for search warrant
Whether an informant was involved
Method of contact with informant leading to search warrant (eg, phone call, mail, fax, email, etc)
Description of person search warrant executed on
Legal code of violation
Description of violation
Date of violation
If search warrant related to debt: name of company debt is owed to, amount owed
Whether FBI involved
ID associated with FBI document (eg, IR #)
Whether search warrant was cancelled
Whether contraband found
Whether narcotics found

The records responsive to this request are likely available in a database, or in some query-able format. If your department or agency does not have direct access to the records, please raise to the respective department that can run queries directly (eg, through SQL).

Should your agency not have all of the requested records within a single record or document, please provide me the relevant documents that do, even if that requires more than one class of document. Should some of the records be unavailable, please let me know ahead of time so that we can narrow the request accordingly.

As the records responsive to this request are imperative for understanding how search warrants are executed, I ask that the public interest of these records be evaluated to the extent that the public's interest outweighs this request's burden. To add, this request is being sent to the largest city of every state and will be collated together to create a comprehensive map of search warrants throughout the US. As such, the records are not only important for understanding search warrants at a local level, but also at a national and state-wide level.

Please ensure that provided documents comply with Section 508, as these records will be shared with members of the public who are covered under the ADA. This guide should be helpful:

If this request was sent to the wrong department or agency, please let me know so that I can send to the correct place.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 business days, as the statute requires.


Lucy Parsons Labs

From: Utah Department of Public Safety

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C9B7 C9G5 C9I5 C9L7 C9U3 C9V1 C9V2 D0C9 D0G1 D0G3 D0M2 D0Q9
D0W2 D1F9 D1J1 D1K1 D1M6 D1R1 D1S7 D1S9 D1X9 D1Y0 D2E6 D2H8
D2P9 D2Q0 D2S4 D3B4 D3F9 D3H2 D3J2 D3J6 D3L8 D3N5 D3O6 D3O9
D3Q3 D3Q5 D3Q6 D3T8 D3X2 D4B6 D4E4 D4F3 D4H2 D4H4 D4K7 D4K9
D5A2 D5A4 D5F1 D5J3 D5M7 D5O6 D5Q7 D5Q9 D5R5 D5U5 D5W8 D5Z8
D6B8 D6E0 D6E5 D6I1 D6N6 D6P5 D6S0 D6U5 D6W1 D6Y6 D6Z0 D6Z4
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E2A8 E2F1 E2F4 E2H5 E2U5 E2V8 E3D4 E3L4 E3N4 E3S8 E3W3 E4D0
E4E1 E4E2 E4F2 E4F3 E4F8 E4I9 E4K8 E4L1 E4M1 E4N4 E4O1 E4R8
E4U5 E5A4 E5B4 E5G1 E5I3 E5I7 E5J2 E5R7 E5S1 E5S7 E5T1 E5T8
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G3D5 G3F8 G3H8 G3J6 G3K4 G3O1 G3P0 G3Q3 G3R8 G3U7 G3V2 G3W2
G3X8 G4E1 G4F7 G4J9 G4N5 G4Q1 G4W1 G4W8 G5A6 G5D3 G5D6 G5D9
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H9I5 H9O0 H9R3 H9R9 H9Y7 H9Z6 I0M9 I0P9 I0Q0 I0T4 I0U8 I0V4
I0Z4 I1E2 I1E5 I1I0 I1L2 I1M7 I1N8 I1R5 I1T4 I1U4 I1U6 I1W1
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I3V3 I3V6 I3Y1 I3Z1 I3Z4 I4B5 I4C2 I4J9 I4O1 I4Q4 I4Q9 I4T3
I4Z2 I5A9 I5D0 I5E3 I5I0 I5J5 I5M5 I5N8 I5O4 I5P4 I5P5 I5S3
I5T3 I5T5 I5T9 I5U6 I6D5 I6E5 I6F3 I6H2 I6P6 I6U4 I6U5 I7D9
I7E4 I7K2 I7N7 I7O5 I7R0 I7S2 I7T8 I7U3 I7U4 I8A6 I8C0 I8C5
I8J6 I8L4 I8N6 I8T3 I8U2 I8X1 I9F1 I9G3 I9N0 I9N2 I9V2 I9X2
I9Z4 J0C3 J0L7 J0N0 J0T7 J0W4 J0W6 J0X7 J0Y7 J1B0 J1C3 J1G4
J1L5 J1Q2 J1T3 J1T7 J1U5 J1Z3 J1Z9 J2E6 J2H8 J2L5 J2N5 J2Q4
J2R4 J2V3 J2Y3 J3D5 J3L8 J3Q3 J3V7 J4D8 J4O3 J4T6 J4T7 J4T8
J4X5 J5B5 J5D3 J5E5 J5E8 J5H0 J5H6 J5I4 J5M6 J5P4 J5S3 J5U5
J5Z2 J5Z6 J6A1 J6C1 J6F2 J6G5 J6I8 J6T1 J7G1 J7G9 J7O4 J7P4
J7R3 J7Y9 J8A5 J8B7 J8B9 J8D8 J8E1 J8F9 J8H5 J8H6 J8K8 J8S0
J8T4 J9B7 J9E8 J9G7 J9I5 J9N3 J9N8 J9P7 J9Q9 J9S3 J9U0 J9V6
K0F7 K0G2 K0H5 K0O3 K0P4 K0Q6 K0T6 K0W9 K0Z0 K1D1 K1D4 K1E1
K1J1 K1J2 K1O8 K1P7 K1P9 K1T7 K2A4 K2C3 K2I2 K2I4 K2M5 K2O7
K2T1 K2W1 K3A9 K3D0 K3D8 K3L0 K3O4 K3P8 K3Q4 K3R3 K3W3 K3X6
K3Y3 K4A6 K4N8 K4R7 K4T5 K4V6 K5B0 K5B2 K5C5 K5D1 K5D6 K5E3
K5F6 K5G5 K5I7 K5N2 K5V0 K5X3 K6E3 K6H7 K6I6 K6I9 K6K2 K6O2
K6P4 K6Q9 K6T7 K6V8 K6W0 K6W9 K7A0 K7F7 K7J7 K7L0 K7M0 K7N3
K7O4 K7W1 K7Z5 K8E7 K8G3 K8I4 K8R3 K8U0 K8V5 K8W8 K8Y8 K9A4
K9B9 K9C6 K9D0 K9D4 K9F3 K9G9 K9J8 K9M2 K9O8 K9T9 K9W6 L0A8
L0C6 L0E7 L0F1 L0H0 L0K3 L0P7 L0Q3 L0Q9 L0V1 L1A2 L1D1 L1G7
L1P4 L1Q6 L1T8 L2D1 L2F1 L2G6 L2O9 L2P2 L2Q4 L2U5 L2Z4 L3I6
L3K4 L3K9 L3L3 L3N2 L3O1 L3T5 L3V5 L3X8 L4C3 L4J1 L4J7 L4J8
L4L4 L4M7 L4O5 L4P4 L4P8 L4P9 L4R2 L4R8 L4Y0 L5C2 L5D5 L5W7
L6F4 L6I5 L6N1 L6O5 L6P5 L6Q8 L6Z6 L7A0 L7E0 L7E6 L7F6 L7I4
L7O9 L7S4 L7T2 L7W9 L8A4 L8B5 L8C3 L8F0 L8G6 L8N4 L8O6 L8P3
L8R6 L8R7 L8W5 L9D4 L9D7 L9E7 L9I9 L9P4 L9Q2 L9R3 L9W5 M0D5
M0E3 M0E7 M0L3 M0L5 M0Q9 M0R7 M0Y1 M1F8 M1G2 M1L9 M1M4 M1N3
M1Q0 M1R3 M1U3 M1V1 M1X2 M1Y8 M2G3 M2J4 M2K2 M2L9 M2N6 M2N7
M2O5 M2O6 M2S2 M2S5 M2T1 M2T9 M2V7 M2W1 M2Y0 M3B1 M3J3 M3J5
M3K8 M3Q9 M3R2 M3V9 M3W2 M3X3 M3Z1 M3Z6 M4D9 M4E6 M4G3 M4H9
M4J1 M4K0 M4L8 M4N0 M4Q1 M4T2 M4W1 M4Y6 M5E9 M5G1 M5M3 M5N3
M5O0 M5S5 M5T3 M5T4 M5W9 M5Y4 M6B3 M6B7 M6C4 M6G3 M6G6 M6G8
M6L5 M6M9 M6R2 M6U9 M6Z4 M7A5 M7D8 M7H0 M7L5 M7P5 M7V7 M7W7
M7Y9 M8G2 M8N3 M8U6 M9A2 M9B7 M9D7 M9I6 M9J7 M9J9 M9N1 M9O8
M9Q1 M9T9 N0C3 N0C4 N0C5 N0E3 N0F0 N0H5 N0I1 N0L2 N0T3 N0T9
N0W3 N0X0 N0X8 N0Z2 N1C3 N1C5 N1D3 N1I3 N1X4 N1Z3 N2E6 N2K8
N2O8 N2S7 N2T8 N2W5 N2X9 N3B4 N3F6 N3H3 N3H7 N3H8 N3J3 N3M4
N3X4 N3Y5 N3Y8 N4D2 N4D6 N4E2 N4F5 N4K0 N4Q3 N4U8 N4Z7 N5B1
N5D9 N5J0 N5J5 N5K0 N5L7 N5S9 N5U7 N5V5 N5W1 N5W5 N5Y6 N5Z5
N5Z9 N6D7 N6E9 N6T9 N6V0 N7F3 N7Q5 N8B8 N8E6 N8E7 N8M3 N8R4
N8V7 N8V8 N8Y2 N9C9 N9D1 N9E7 N9E8 N9F1 N9M4 N9N7 N9O4 N9O9
N9P3 N9Q4 N9R1 N9R4 N9S8 N9U0 N9W9 N9X2 N9Y0 N9Y8 O0F9 O0P8
O0Q7 O0X9 O1D0 O1D1 O1P5 O1P8 O1V8 O1Z3 O1Z4 O2E9 O2M4 O2N0
O2N4 O2P0 O2U5 O2W6 O2Y0 O3A5 O3I1 O3L9 O3M2 O3M7 O3O2 O3O5
O3Q0 O3R7 O3V3 O3X7 O4D7 O4F8 O4G5 O4H6 O4K4 O4K9 O4T4 O4U8
O5A0 O5B4 O5B7 O5D5 O5H7 O5P6 O5R9 O5U0 O6A9 O6B8 O6F2 O6I0
O6I5 O6T4 O6U2 O6U3 O6W0 O7B8 O7G1 O7H4 O7H8 O7I5 O7K6 O7L7
O7N8 O7O0 O7O4 O7T9 O7V7 O7Y0 O7Z0 O7Z5 O8A2 O8B0 O8I6 O8J5
O8O6 O8Q9 O9C8 O9D7 O9G1 O9H9 O9I5 O9J4 O9M9 O9N3 O9R1 O9R8
O9S7 O9U2 O9X5 O9Y2 P0C7 P0D1 P0K9 P0L1 P0L6 P0M8 P0P6 P0R1
P0S6 P0U4 P0U8 P0W2 P0X1 P1G1 P1H6 P1L1 P1O4 P1O7 P1Q2 P1S8
P1V6 P1X0 P1X4 P1Y8 P2B8 P2F8 P2P7 P2P9 P2R2 P2U0 P3G2 P3H4
P3J1 P3J4 P3L6 P3N1 P3N6 P3O7 P3P9 P3T3 P3V4 P3W1 P3W2 P4H2
P4J0 P4J9 P4L3 P4L9 P4P4 P4Q5 P4U3 P5B1 P5B5 P5I4 P5J4 P5K9
P5N5 P5U3 P5Z3 P6A7 P6A9 P6D8 P6K6 P6O8 P6P1 P6P3 P6Y2 P6Y4
P7B9 P7C0 P7E3 P7H5 P7I2 P7M8 P7P7 P7P8 P7X8 P8D1 P8E6 P8I2
P8M1 P8Q0 P8T7 P8V7 P8X0 P9C9 P9D6 P9F5 P9F9 P9G3 P9O4 P9R5
P9V0 P9V9 P9Z2 Q0B2 Q0C9 Q0F7 Q0G2 Q0G3 Q0H9 Q0I4 Q0O0 Q0S9
Q0T7 Q0U5 Q0Y0 Q0Y1 Q1F0 Q1L3 Q1M3 Q1P6 Q1T0 Q1V8 Q1Z9 Q2C8
Q2E6 Q2I5 Q2I6 Q2I9 Q2N0 Q2S9 Q3B2 Q3O6 Q3O9 Q3T4 Q3Y5 Q3Z9
Q4A1 Q4D8 Q4F0 Q4F3 Q4H0 Q4K4 Q4Q4 Q4T9 Q4U8 Q4X5 Q5E1 Q5E7
Q5F8 Q5F9 Q5I7 Q5N2 Q5P0 Q5P9 Q5Q2 Q5U1 Q5V9 Q6C2 Q6Q9 Q6T3
Q7C8 Q7E8 Q7J7 Q7O7 Q7R9 Q7S3 Q7S6 Q7T4 Q7U1 Q7U5 Q7U7 Q7W1
Q7X8 Q8B9 Q8D5 Q8L1 Q8Q2 Q8V4 Q8W0 Q8X0 Q8X6 Q9F3 Q9I8 R0A2
R0B7 R0C4 R0G1 R0H6 R0H9 R0J9 R0K1 R0M1 R0P3 R0T4 R0T5 R0V6
R0W3 R0Z3 R1B7 R1D2 R1F7 R1I3 R1I4 R1I9 R1P3 R1R6 R1S5 R1T0
R1T4 R1X7 R1Y6 R2B5 R2P5 R2R4 R3A0 R3D9 R3L3 R3N0 R3N3 R3O5
R3R0 R3T5 R3Z5 R4C0 R4C8 R4I6 R4K1 R4L7 R4P7 R4T7 R5C2 R5D7
R5D8 R5I8 R5N5 R5P4 R5R2 R5Y2 R5Y6 R6A1 R6C2 R6K5 R6M5 R6Q7
R6S6 R6U1 R6Y1 R7C4 R7C9 R7F2 R7N0 R7O7 R7R2 R7R3 R7S0 R7V9
R7W0 R7W3 R7X3 R7X5 R8E8 R8G4 R8L1 R8O5 R8P1 R8S1 R8S7 R8U4
R8W3 R8W5 R9A4 R9B4 R9D2 R9J2 R9N2 R9O8 R9Q7 R9S5 R9U6 R9U9
R9W0 R9W2 R9Y3 S0C8 S0E4 S0E7 S0F1 S0G4 S0Q4 S0R4 S0S0 S0U6
S0V6 S0Z8 S1E2 S1J0 S1M3 S1M8 S1P7 S1R4 S1S4 S1T1 S1T4 S1U3
S1V4 S1V7 S2E5 S2I8 S2Q6 S2S9 S2T8 S2U9 S2V4 S2V9 S2W3 S2Y8
S3A2 S3B4 S3D5 S3E7 S3F4 S3L0 S3O4 S3U0 S3W1 S4C7 S4F0 S4I1
S4I4 S4J4 S4Q1 S4R3 S4U8 S4Y4 S5B5 S5E4 S5I5 S5P9 S5S4 S5S6
S5Y5 S5Z4 S6C4 S6J1 S6J2 S6N5 S6O0 S6R0 S6W0 S7A4 S7J0 S7K3
S7L7 S7R3 S7U2 S7W2 S7Z7 S8F3 S8H9 S8I7 S8J6 S8O6 S8Q0 S8Q8
S8T1 S8U6 S8X8 S8Y1 S9H1 S9H7 S9I4 S9I8 S9J6 S9Q7 S9W6 S9X2
S9X9 S9Y7 S9Z0 T0A4 T0A8 T0C0 T0C6 T0D4 T0G2 T0G9 T0I1 T0J9
T0L9 T0N4 T0N7 T0O4 T0O7 T0V6 T0V9 T0W8 T1A4 T1A8 T1M5 T1N4
T1P5 T1R7 T1U0 T1V1 T1X7 T2C3 T2E7 T2F1 T2F2 T2I1 T2P9 T2T8
T2X6 T2Z4 T3A9 T3B8 T3D4 T3E4 T3O5 T4A1 T4D0 T4E0 T4H0 T4M1
T4S2 T4X8 T5E9 T5G6 T5I5 T5P0 T5U0 T6B3 T6E5 T6W7 T6X7 T7I6
T7J8 T7K1 T7O5 T7Q0 T7V6 T7X2 T8A8 T8B0 T8L2 T8L9 T8M9 T8R0
T8R5 T8R9 T8W7 T8Z0 T9B7 T9E2 T9E4 T9I7 T9N1 T9Q1 T9T3 T9V4
T9Y3 T9Z3 U0A2 U0B9 U0E0 U0E4 U0H8 U0I5 U0N4 U0O7 U0S2 U0U7
U1C9 U1G9 U1L3 U1R4 U1T0 U2B7 U2D0 U2D5 U2D9 U2G4 U2G6 U2H9
U2I8 U2I9 U2L0 U2T3 U2V8 U3C4 U3D0 U3D2 U3L6 U3R1 U3V8 U3X0
U4C4 U4F6 U4L4 U4R0 U4S1 U4T3 U4W1 U4X7 U5D3 U5L8 U6B5 U6H0
U6K8 U6M6 U6W3 U6Y0 U6Z4 U6Z9 U7A6 U7B0 U7D7 U7K3 U7L7 U7P9
U7Q0 U7Q2 U7R0 U7U1 U7Y7 U8A4 U8F2 U8L3 U8M0 U8M1 U8P2 U8P9
U8V6 U9B0 U9D2 U9I2 U9J7 U9L0 U9P0 U9P5 U9U1 U9X7 U9Z6 V0I7
V0S0 V0U2 V0X2 V1E3 V1G8 V1O5 V1R8 V2F2 V2H7 V2M4 V2M9 V2O0
V2O4 V2R3 V2W0 V2Y1 V2Z7 V3E2 V3G3 V3G7 V3M0 V3P8 V3S1 V3S5
V3W2 V3Y9 V4H2 V4J1 V4K5 V4M4 V4M9 V4Q3 V4U3 V4U7 V4V1 V4W3
V4Z6 V5A1 V5N6 V5N9 V5P7 V5S6 V5Z2 V5Z5 V6C3 V6G0 V6K6 V6Q1
V6S9 V6T7 V6V5 V6W7 V6Z8 V7D0 V7H6 V7M1 V7P8 V7R3 V7U6 V7W3
V7X1 V7X5 V7X6 V8A6 V8B9 V8F1 V8F4 V8I8 V8R0 V8X3 V8Z5 V9B5
V9H9 V9K2 V9L9 V9M7 V9N0 V9Y9 W0C3 W0E2 W0U3 W0U8 W0X0 W0X7
W1C3 W1I2 W1K2 W2C5 W2P0 W2S9 W3A2 W3B7 W3D1 W3G0 W3J2 W3J9
W3L1 W3P8 W3U3 W3V1 W4A6 W4C1 W4C2 W4J9 W4L8 W4Q8 W4S5 W4T8
W4T9 W4W1 W4W2 W4W6 W4Z8 W5D6 W5E7 W5F0 W5K8 W5L5 W5O7 W5P3
W5R0 W5R3 W5W3 W5W4 W5Y3 W6B3 W6F3 W6F6 W6I7 W6L6 W6P2 W6Q9
W6R6 W6S5 W7B9 W7I8 W7R6 W7T7 W7V5 W7V6 W8A3 W8B3 W8B8 W8C7
W8D3 W8D9 W8J6 W8N9 W8S4 W8V4 W9C6 W9D0 W9G6 W9X8 X0A4 X0B6
X0B9 X0E4 X0J9 X0K6 X0L0 X0L9 X0O9 X0Q5 X0X5 X0X7 X0Z0 X1G3
X1K6 X1L2 X1M6 X1Q1 X1R4 X1S1 X1T6 X1T9 X1U9 X2E2 X2F7 X2L6
X2M3 X2N3 X2P4 X2S0 X2V2 X2V6 X2W1 X2X5 X2Y2 X3D8 X3J5 X3O3
X3Q0 X3R3 X3T5 X3W8 X3Y7 X4D9 X4G1 X4I6 X4I8 X4Q2 X4T1 X4W2
X5A6 X5A8 X5B4 X5D0 X5D4 X5F0 X5I4 X5L5 X5N0 X5S9 X5V3 X6B0
X6D8 X6L2 X6N5 X6R6 X6S8 X6U4 X6U8 X6X8 X7B7 X7E1 X7G8 X7H5
X7H8 X7J2 X7K6 X7K8 X7L0 X7L1 X7L8 X7N9 X7O2 X7O3 X7Q1 X7Q5
X7R2 X7S0 X7V4 X7X8 X8C5 X8D3 X8D8 X8M0 X8M1 X8Q5 X8Y3 X8Z4
X9D4 X9F3 X9J8 X9M5 X9N5 X9O2 X9R7 X9W2 X9Y4 X9Y6 X9Z4 Y0A0
Y0A2 Y0A7 Y0C3 Y0D7 Y0E3 Y0G5 Y0H4 Y0L7 Y0M1 Y0M3 Y0M6 Y0O8
Y0P8 Y0Q5 Y0Q8 Y0X5 Y1A3 Y1F8 Y1H5 Y1I5 Y1M6 Y1P5 Y1S1 Y1S7
Y1X2 Y1Z3 Y2B5 Y2G8 Y2K3 Y2L6 Y2L8 Y2T5 Y2T6 Y2U3 Y2W6 Y2X3
Y2Z0 Y3D0 Y3F8 Y3L0 Y3O5 Y3U7 Y3V3 Y3W6 Y3Y6 Y4A1 Y4A9 Y4E3
Y4G1 Y4I5 Y4K8 Y4M2 Y4M6 Y4O3 Y4P4 Y4Q6 Y4R2 Y4X9 Y4Y8 Y4Z2
Y4Z9 Y5A3 Y5D1 Y5E6 Y5G8 Y5M2 Y5N2 Y5P4 Y5V9 Y5W8 Y6A9 Y6C9
Y6I4 Y6L8 Y6T6 Y6V1 Y6X2 Y6X6 Y7E2 Y7E9 Y7K0 Y7L3 Y7N0 Y7O0
Y7P9 Y7T5 Y7T7 Y7U1 Y7X6 Y7X7 Y7Y2 Y8A2 Y8C4 Y8E3 Y8L1 Y8O6
Y8R5 Y8S0 Y8W2 Y8W7 Y9I0 Y9N7 Y9R8 Y9S5 Z0A8 Z0M7 Z0O2 Z0P9
Z0S7 Z0W3 Z0X5 Z1B0 Z1E4 Z1J8 Z1L7 Z1R6 Z1W2 Z1X6 Z2C8 Z2U8
Z2X5 Z3I1 Z3J4 Z3J7 Z3L4 Z3T8 Z4C0 Z4N7 Z4P5 Z4Q1 Z4R0 Z4R1
Z4Y4 Z4Z6 Z5H7 Z5S2 Z5V9 Z5W5 Z5W6 Z5Y2 Z5Y4 Z6B4 Z6C5 Z6M9
Z6P5 Z6Q3 Z6R1 Z6T3 Z6Y1 Z6Y2 Z7A0 Z7E1 Z7J4 Z7K9 Z7P2 Z7R1
Z7T6 Z7X1 Z8B4 Z8C2 Z8D0 Z8I4 Z8K4 Z8L7 Z8N7 Z8O0 Z8O7 Z8T4
Z8U2 Z8V0 Z8V2 Z8W7 Z8Y3 Z9A8 Z9A9 Z9D2 Z9E5 Z9F3 Z9H8 Z9N5
Z9W5 Z9X3 Z9Y6 Z9Z1



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