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Dhruv Mehrotra filed this request with the Department of Corrections of Utah.
Multi Request Department of Corrections


From: Dhruv Mehrotra

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Government Records Access and Management Act, I hereby request the following records:

Copies of all purchase orders, contracts, records, and related correspondence between the Agency or other subordinate activity of the DOC, and any intermediate wholesaler or distributor, for supplies of potassium cyanide, from 2013 to the date of processing of this request.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 business days, as the statute requires.


Dhruv Mehrotra

From: Department of Corrections

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C6P2 C6Q7 C6T2 C6U3 C7A0 C7B7 C7E0 C7J7 C7R2 C7R3 C7T0 C7V7
C8A6 C8D1 C8D8 C8I2 C8M8 C8N0 C8O5 C8S1 C8S9 C8U1 C8V2 C9B2
C9D2 C9Q4 C9Q8 C9R9 C9S0 C9T7 C9U3 C9U9 C9X2 D0N1 D0T5 D0V6
D0V8 D1B2 D1B4 D1E0 D1E7 D1K3 D1R1 D1S6 D1U6 D1X4 D2B5 D2D4
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D6V6 D6V7 D6W2 D6X7 D6Y1 D7A7 D7D8 D7G6 D7G9 D7K3 D7L4 D7M8
D7N4 D7O4 D8A1 D8D8 D8M4 D8Q3 D8S9 D8Y4 D9B2 D9G2 D9M0 D9T3
D9U7 D9X4 E0E8 E0J3 E0L0 E0M4 E0N0 E0O7 E0U5 E0V9 E1B8 E1E4
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F4L4 F4N7 F4P4 F4Q1 F4Q8 F4R2 F4X8 F5E3 F5E6 F5E7 F5O1 F5R5
F5Y8 F5Z9 F6B1 F6B2 F6C1 F6D7 F6E8 F6L5 F6R2 F6X1 F6Z1 F6Z4
F7H2 F7K8 F7L2 F7N8 F7R7 F7T2 F7X9 F8E4 F8E5 F8E7 F8G5 F8H8
F8M6 F8N0 F8N8 F8R9 F9B8 F9P2 F9W7 F9X5 F9X8 F9Y0 G0F2 G0G8
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G2B7 G2B8 G2D5 G2F1 G2F4 G2H9 G2K1 G2K7 G2O6 G2R3 G2S1 G2S2
G2T7 G2U7 G2W2 G3A7 G3I2 G3J2 G3J5 G3M5 G3N3 G3R2 G3S7 G3W0
G3Z7 G4C8 G4D3 G4H3 G4M7 G4P0 G4P8 G4V0 G5A1 G5B0 G5C8 G5C9
G5F9 G5R6 G5S1 G5S6 G5W0 G5X3 G5X6 G6I1 G6J1 G6J8 G6O7 G6Q3
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G7R0 G7W4 G7W6 G7X3 G7X6 G8F0 G8P6 G8S4 G8S9 G8U4 G8X2 G8X5
G8Z0 G9E4 G9E8 G9F9 G9G7 G9H9 G9P3 G9R3 G9Z4 H0A7 H0J1 H0Q2
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H8R1 H8T1 H9B7 H9B8 H9D1 H9F4 H9H2 H9M8 H9N5 H9Q5 H9V9 H9X6
H9Y3 H9Z4 I0D0 I0D2 I0E6 I0K9 I0L6 I0T8 I0W3 I0Y7 I1A1 I1A7
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I2L2 I2O9 I2S2 I2V0 I2Z0 I3A3 I3C6 I3E9 I3F9 I3H0 I3H5 I3H6
I3K0 I3K1 I3L0 I3M4 I3O1 I3O8 I3P3 I3W2 I3W6 I4A4 I4C4 I4I1
I4I5 I4M7 I5A1 I5C7 I5D3 I5O6 I5R0 I5U8 I5W2 I5W5 I6D1 I6F0
I6G6 I6I2 I6J4 I6K0 I6K1 I6K6 I6M8 I6N8 I6O1 I6P6 I6V2 I6W5
I6X2 I6Y4 I6Z0 I6Z8 I7C2 I7I0 I7M2 I7R2 I7Z8 I8A9 I8B3 I8G1
I8I5 I8N4 I8Y3 I9A6 I9E8 I9I2 I9L7 I9N1 I9N9 I9Z4 I9Z7 J0C1
J0D7 J0F4 J0J2 J0K2 J0O8 J0P8 J0Q1 J0Q8 J0U6 J1B0 J1C1 J1O3
J1O8 J1Q7 J1V0 J1V7 J1Y3 J1Y7 J2M5 J2O4 J2Q4 J2W9 J2X3 J3B2
J3C2 J3D2 J3F0 J3K4 J3N5 J3O6 J3Q5 J3U8 J3Y2 J3Y4 J3Y8 J4G2
J4P0 J4Q1 J4R8 J4S4 J4V6 J5B3 J5D1 J5G6 J5H4 J5L9 J5M2 J5O0
J5P7 J5Q6 J5Q7 J5Z4 J6C1 J6K3 J6V1 J6V2 J6W1 J7B7 J7C5 J7O6
J7Q7 J7R2 J7R5 J7S6 J7S9 J7X6 J8C0 J8C7 J8H5 J8J0 J8O3 J8O5
J8T7 J8U3 J8W8 J9A2 J9B2 J9E5 J9F1 J9H3 J9I8 J9L3 J9Q6 J9Q7
J9T9 J9U5 J9V1 J9X7 J9X8 J9Y0 K0A6 K0F0 K0I6 K0J9 K0K6 K0M6
K0P4 K0S5 K0U1 K0U8 K0Z2 K1B5 K1E0 K1K3 K1M0 K1O9 K1U0 K1W2
K2D5 K2F4 K2H0 K2J9 K2K6 K2L9 K2N9 K2O7 K2T1 K2W2 K3F5 K3I2
K3I6 K3J0 K3O4 K3P7 K3S3 K3U4 K3X8 K3Y5 K3Z2 K4H3 K4H6 K4L9
K4P0 K4Q5 K4R0 K5A2 K5A5 K5A9 K5C8 K5I6 K5J2 K5L0 K5M8 K5M9
K5N5 K5W0 K5W6 K6A4 K6B2 K6E2 K6E8 K6L4 K6N8 K6O8 K6P0 K6P6
K6R1 K6R6 K6W3 K6Y1 K7A9 K7C3 K7E3 K7F4 K7H3 K7J8 K7M1 K7O5
K7Q1 K7R2 K7W9 K7X0 K8H4 K8I1 K8K6 K8O5 K8Q8 K8S7 K8W2 K8X2
K9A3 K9F0 K9G1 K9H2 K9K2 K9O7 K9Q9 K9S0 K9V8 K9Z6 L0G4 L0G5
L0J0 L0U1 L0X2 L1A3 L1E1 L1G4 L1G7 L1I8 L1K1 L1L5 L1M3 L1M7
L1N2 L1N4 L1R2 L1U5 L1Y0 L1Y8 L1Z8 L2E1 L2I7 L2J8 L2K0 L2P1
L2V0 L2Y0 L2Y7 L3B1 L3D8 L3F8 L3H0 L3M3 L3N1 L3Q8 L3S8 L3T1
L3T3 L3W4 L4A1 L4A2 L4A9 L4F5 L4I1 L4I6 L4J2 L4J6 L4N8 L5B2
L5D0 L5F3 L5G2 L5H8 L5M7 L5T2 L5U2 L5W2 L6D3 L6F6 L6F7 L6F8
L6I5 L6I6 L6J6 L6K2 L6X9 L7A0 L7H0 L7I1 L7J0 L7Y5 L7Z9 L8B1
L8E4 L8K0 L8L8 L8R3 L8S5 L9D8 L9G8 L9T8 L9Y5 L9Y6 L9Z7 M0A6
M0N4 M0P8 M0V7 M0V8 M0W0 M0X0 M1D5 M1J8 M1L1 M1M3 M1O9 M1P9
M1U9 M1V7 M1X3 M1X5 M2C1 M2C6 M2D2 M2E1 M2G5 M2J3 M2K9 M2O3
M2Q8 M2S4 M2U9 M2X9 M3F0 M3H9 M3M1 M3M3 M3M7 M3O4 M3P6 M3R9
M3W6 M4J3 M4N5 M4P0 M4Q9 M5H7 M5H9 M5M8 M5S2 M5S9 M6A0 M6A9
M6C4 M6E8 M6I6 M6N3 M6N4 M6P3 M6P6 M6U0 M6Y8 M7B0 M7B5 M7O9
M7P3 M7Q1 M7Q8 M7S2 M7T6 M7W7 M8G7 M8J6 M8J9 M8K1 M8L2 M8Q9
M8Y4 M8Z4 M9A1 M9E1 M9J5 M9P2 M9P3 M9S4 M9V6 M9V9 M9X9 N0A0
N0C8 N0H3 N0I8 N0K7 N0L4 N0O9 N0R3 N0S9 N0W3 N0X3 N1C0 N1D0
N1E6 N1O6 N1Q4 N1R3 N1R4 N1R5 N1R6 N1V5 N1X3 N1Y3 N2J2 N2J3
N2L7 N2Q5 N3E7 N3F4 N3G9 N3K0 N3L7 N3O2 N3S1 N3T2 N3T4 N4H1
N4Q7 N4U3 N4Z2 N5B0 N5B6 N5G3 N5I6 N5J6 N5S8 N5T1 N5X0 N6B3
N6D7 N6J5 N6N3 N6P0 N6P9 N7A4 N7B2 N7C1 N7E2 N7I5 N7K8 N7L3
N7M5 N7N8 N7R3 N7T7 N7U1 N7W9 N7Y5 N8G6 N8J0 N8J4 N8N1 N8S5
N8T8 N9D4 N9E9 N9I6 N9P4 N9T5 N9U6 N9Z9 O0B7 O0B9 O0E4 O0G5
O0L0 O0P5 O0Q4 O0R5 O0W2 O1A0 O1A4 O1A6 O1B4 O1G1 O1M8 O1O2
O1Q1 O1Q5 O1Q8 O1R5 O1Z0 O1Z4 O1Z8 O2B6 O2E4 O2F0 O2F1 O2G9
O2I0 O2O1 O2S8 O2W3 O2W8 O3E5 O3G7 O3G9 O3I6 O3P0 O3P4 O3X4
O4D5 O4I5 O4J7 O4K9 O4O7 O4O9 O4Q7 O4S1 O4S9 O4W4 O4W6 O4W8
O4W9 O4Y7 O5C3 O5G7 O5I3 O5P1 O5S3 O5T1 O5X1 O5Y7 O5Z2 O6A1
O6C3 O6E6 O6H1 O6J7 O6K7 O6Q8 O7D5 O7F0 O7K7 O7L9 O7Y0 O7Y5
O8K1 O8M1 O8M6 O8O6 O8R2 O8U7 O8Z5 O9C2 O9E2 O9R6 O9R8 P0B1
P0B7 P0E0 P0F5 P0H3 P0H9 P0I4 P0I5 P0K0 P0P3 P0Q9 P0T2 P0V3
P0W2 P0W8 P1F0 P1M4 P1O4 P1S0 P1T9 P1U1 P1U2 P1W8 P2C3 P2D6
P2E7 P2G4 P2I2 P2L8 P2U3 P2X7 P2Z9 P3A7 P3B2 P3C9 P3D7 P3F1
P3J8 P3Q3 P3R7 P3X5 P4D8 P4I0 P4K9 P4V1 P4V6 P5A3 P5H3 P5K0
P5L8 P5N1 P5Q1 P5V9 P6A0 P6A5 P6A7 P6H6 P6J6 P6M3 P6S0 P6S3
P6U2 P7A7 P7F5 P7J4 P7J9 P7R3 P7W8 P7X2 P8B3 P8H2 P8J9 P8L5
P8Q0 P8T3 P8U7 P8W5 P8W8 P8X3 P8Y1 P8Z5 P9B9 P9F7 P9G1 P9H4
P9I6 P9K3 P9R2 P9W0 P9W4 P9W6 P9Z6 P9Z9 Q0B1 Q0E8 Q0G7 Q0J9
Q0K1 Q0N8 Q0O4 Q0O6 Q0S1 Q0U3 Q0V6 Q0X6 Q1B6 Q1S3 Q1V7 Q1V8
Q1W5 Q1X4 Q1X8 Q2C6 Q2D2 Q2H1 Q2U7 Q3B5 Q3C7 Q3D1 Q3D7 Q3G8
Q3I1 Q3K5 Q3L7 Q3N8 Q3Q8 Q3S7 Q3V2 Q3Z8 Q4A2 Q4F9 Q4I0 Q4N8
Q4R3 Q4S5 Q4W3 Q5A7 Q5K7 Q5L1 Q5Q2 Q5S4 Q5T7 Q5Z6 Q5Z9 Q6B0
Q6B9 Q6C0 Q6D8 Q6F6 Q6H9 Q6J5 Q6K2 Q6M7 Q6N3 Q6P4 Q6P5 Q6Q8
Q6U4 Q6Z8 Q7K5 Q7K6 Q7O0 Q7O4 Q7P9 Q7U2 Q7X6 Q7Y3 Q7Y6 Q8A6
Q8H8 Q8K6 Q8T6 Q8U1 Q9A6 Q9C2 Q9Z0 Q9Z5 R0F4 R0K2 R0K5 R0L9
R0M8 R0N0 R0R0 R0S1 R0T6 R0T9 R0U9 R0Y3 R0Y8 R1C2 R1E5 R1J4
R1K0 R1K6 R1O1 R1P1 R1P3 R1S6 R1U8 R1Z1 R2D1 R2D5 R2G7 R2H8
R2Q8 R2T7 R2W6 R3C7 R3D5 R3J7 R3O3 R3Q2 R3S0 R3T0 R3U5 R3Y4
R4E6 R4F9 R4G7 R4G8 R4L7 R4P2 R4P9 R4Q1 R4X8 R4Y9 R5C3 R5G2
R5H5 R5L0 R5L6 R5M6 R5V1 R5V8 R5X6 R6A9 R6C1 R6H4 R6I7 R6K9
R6O3 R6Q2 R6Q7 R6W7 R6X7 R6Y0 R6Y7 R6Z5 R6Z6 R7D0 R7G4 R7J1
R7N6 R7U3 R8C0 R8F0 R8I5 R8J1 R8J2 R8L2 R8N6 R8R2 R8X0 R8X7
R9G7 R9I8 R9J8 R9K3 R9M0 R9M1 R9O2 R9T3 R9V2 R9Z3 S0B6 S0K8
S0R5 S0R7 S0S0 S0V8 S0Y5 S0Y9 S0Z1 S1E4 S1G3 S1G6 S1H9 S1I6
S1J2 S1M0 S1R3 S1V7 S1X2 S1Y1 S1Y8 S2B4 S2B9 S2E7 S2G9 S2H4
S2I4 S2J0 S2L3 S2L9 S2M4 S2N0 S2O4 S2T1 S2T8 S2U6 S3A5 S3A7
S3C7 S3F9 S3G2 S3L1 S3L6 S3M3 S3M7 S3Q6 S3S1 S3X1 S3X3 S4B9
S4R3 S4R8 S4U2 S4V7 S4Y3 S5A7 S5L2 S5L6 S5M7 S5O0 S5Q6 S5U0
S5U2 S5V0 S5W6 S5Y0 S6B9 S6D0 S6P6 S6Q6 S7A1 S7D6 S7E9 S7H2
S7J6 S7O7 S7Q6 S7S8 S7U6 S7V6 S7Y1 S8A4 S8A8 S8D1 S8E5 S8G5
S8G7 S8I4 S8J9 S8N8 S8W4 S9A2 S9B9 S9F9 S9I3 S9K7 S9O9 S9Q4
S9T5 S9V0 T0B0 T0B1 T0C2 T0C9 T0D4 T0G9 T0R3 T0R6 T0R9 T0U6
T0W9 T0Y7 T1J1 T1M9 T1R3 T1U4 T1W1 T1Y0 T2L5 T2S7 T2T7 T2V8
T2Z9 T3C5 T3E1 T3E8 T3G5 T3I8 T3K5 T3L1 T3O8 T3P7 T3Q1 T3Q2
T3R2 T3U4 T3X8 T4B6 T4B9 T4C7 T4F0 T4G3 T4H4 T4L8 T4U4 T4U5
T4Z2 T5A7 T5A9 T5C6 T5C8 T5D0 T5E2 T5G9 T5I3 T5M7 T5Q1 T5R8
T5Y8 T5Z7 T6C5 T6G3 T6G8 T6I4 T6I9 T6K3 T6K8 T6L6 T6M8 T6U7
T6V6 T6X2 T6Y1 T7A3 T7F4 T7F6 T7M7 T7R3 T7U8 T7V4 T7W7 T8A6
T8E2 T8E8 T8M6 T8N9 T8T0 T8T6 T8U5 T8Y9 T9F4 T9F5 T9G3 T9G8
T9J7 T9P8 T9Q3 T9T4 T9U6 T9U7 T9Z8 U0E4 U0I7 U0K7 U0L6 U0M2
U0M3 U0N1 U0R2 U0U0 U1A2 U1G6 U1I1 U1K4 U1M7 U1P7 U1R3 U1X2
U1X9 U2G0 U2I1 U2L9 U2P3 U2X0 U3H2 U3N5 U3O0 U3O6 U3V6 U4A7
U4B4 U4B8 U4D8 U4G4 U4G9 U4K0 U4K5 U4N0 U4N1 U4P3 U4Q2 U4R8
U4Y2 U4Y7 U5C8 U5E6 U5E7 U5G5 U5G8 U5M5 U5S5 U5U3 U5U6 U5V3
U5X1 U5X3 U5Z1 U5Z2 U6E4 U6K2 U6M0 U6M7 U6Q7 U6Q8 U6Z6 U7G4
U7G9 U7H1 U7K1 U7O0 U7P3 U7P6 U7R8 U7S9 U8C7 U8H1 U8H9 U8M0
U8U6 U8Y8 U9B7 U9R7 U9X6 U9X7 V0C7 V0L0 V0L7 V0R0 V1G1 V1J0
V1J1 V1K4 V1O4 V1W9 V1X4 V1X5 V2A8 V2B9 V2D0 V2G1 V2M8 V2T1
V3E7 V3J2 V3L0 V3U9 V3Y5 V3Y8 V4A2 V4A6 V4B6 V4F5 V4G5 V4H0
V4M1 V4N3 V4P0 V4P5 V4Q9 V5B7 V5F5 V5K4 V5N8 V5P6 V5X9 V6F2
V6J5 V6K3 V6L3 V6N2 V6P9 V6R7 V6S4 V6T8 V6U7 V6Y6 V6Z6 V7B5
V7E5 V7G5 V7G8 V7O7 V7S4 V7U5 V7X1 V7Y7 V7Z5 V8A4 V8A9 V8B4
V8D6 V8F4 V8H9 V8P5 V8Q6 V8R9 V8Y6 V8Y7 V9A8 V9C1 V9J6 V9J9
V9L0 V9L4 V9L5 V9P9 V9R3 V9S1 V9Y7 W0J6 W0L1 W0N9 W0O8 W0S3
W0Y0 W1A2 W1C2 W1F5 W1G1 W1M9 W1O6 W1O7 W1R0 W1R9 W1S5 W1T1
W1U7 W2D3 W2F2 W2G3 W2G4 W2I1 W2M8 W2O9 W2U7 W2X7 W2Y2 W3C2
W3D1 W3G5 W3J6 W3N2 W3O0 W3R0 W3T9 W3U3 W3V7 W3W2 W3Y2 W4A1
W4D3 W4E1 W4E6 W4E9 W4I3 W4L6 W4N0 W4U5 W4W1 W5B4 W5D7 W5D8
W5M0 W5N8 W5N9 W5Q2 W5T5 W5X7 W6A7 W6E4 W6E9 W6G1 W6I1 W6J1
W6K0 W6K4 W6O4 W6R4 W6W8 W6X1 W6Z7 W7A3 W7F2 W7F5 W7G2 W7K5
W7P6 W7U2 W7W8 W7Y7 W8A2 W8D6 W8G5 W8J5 W8O3 W8O9 W8T2 W8V3
W9C5 W9F8 W9G7 W9I0 W9I7 W9K4 W9N9 W9P8 W9V2 W9V5 W9Z4 X0B3
X0E3 X0G7 X0I1 X0R0 X0R1 X0R3 X0R9 X0S8 X0Z5 X1A1 X1K0 X1K7
X1M5 X1U0 X1V1 X1V7 X2B6 X2H8 X2H9 X2J0 X2J8 X2M6 X2P9 X2Q3
X2W7 X2X5 X3C0 X3F2 X3I5 X3L3 X3M3 X3Q5 X3R3 X3S4 X3U3 X3Y9
X4G1 X4L5 X4Q3 X4R8 X4W1 X5B2 X5C1 X5C2 X5D0 X5D3 X5G5 X5I2
X5I3 X5I4 X5Y2 X6F1 X6F4 X6G9 X6Q9 X6V3 X6V9 X7F8 X7H9 X7Q7
X7S3 X7S8 X8H4 X8K1 X8L6 X8O4 X8Q1 X8X7 X8Y1 X9K9 X9M0 X9N9
X9O7 X9S2 X9S8 X9T8 X9W0 X9Y1 X9Y7 X9Z0 Y0B0 Y0B8 Y0L4 Y0N2
Y0N6 Y0Q0 Y0R1 Y0S7 Y0U8 Y0Z3 Y1A1 Y1D5 Y1E4 Y1G8 Y1J6 Y1L0
Y1L5 Y1N8 Y1O0 Y1Y2 Y2B3 Y2H3 Y2L8 Y2T7 Y2U9 Y2X2 Y2Z1 Y3A3
Y3I8 Y3L3 Y3R9 Y3S1 Y3U2 Y3U9 Y3Y6 Y4B1 Y4E2 Y4E3 Y4E5 Y4I5
Y4L5 Y4Q4 Y5A6 Y5F1 Y5F7 Y5G0 Y5S9 Y5T8 Y5U5 Y5W3 Y6D1 Y6K5
Y6M1 Y6R5 Y6T2 Y6X7 Y7B1 Y7C6 Y7D5 Y7L8 Y7P1 Y7Q7 Y7W7 Y8F7
Y8I3 Y8I7 Y8T3 Y8U7 Y8V6 Y8W7 Y9B9 Y9D6 Y9G1 Y9I1 Y9L3 Y9N8
Y9P3 Y9U6 Y9V6 Y9Y2 Y9Z8 Z0E9 Z0H4 Z0M4 Z0U9 Z0Y9 Z1C0 Z1E2
Z1J7 Z1K0 Z1U5 Z1V1 Z2A5 Z2E3 Z2E8 Z2G6 Z2I8 Z2L7 Z2Y2 Z2Z3
Z3L7 Z3O0 Z3O2 Z3O6 Z3R4 Z3T1 Z3T6 Z3W2 Z3W3 Z3Y8 Z4B6 Z4D4
Z4K7 Z4L0 Z4O7 Z4Y9 Z5E1 Z5I9 Z5K1 Z5L1 Z5T6 Z5U4 Z6D9 Z6I6
Z6K8 Z6N6 Z6R3 Z6T0 Z6T4 Z6Y1 Z7B3 Z7D0 Z7L0 Z7M5 Z7T4 Z7T5
Z7U7 Z7W7 Z7W9 Z7Y3 Z8C8 Z8E6 Z8G2 Z8H1 Z8O0 Z8Q8 Z8U1 Z8U5
Z8V3 Z8W5 Z9A0 Z9B1 Z9B9 Z9E4 Z9E5 Z9G2 Z9H2 Z9L2 Z9M6 Z9R0
Z9S2 Z9U4 Z9Z3 Z9Z4



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