Joseph Durso filed this request with the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration of the United States of America.
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Due Oct. 23, 2019
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From: Joseph Durso

Greetings NNSA FOIA officials,

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I request the following record(s):

UCRL-50239, a document produced at the then Lawrence Radiation Laboratory as part of the "Nth Country Experiment". The document may (unclear) be dated December 14, 1966. Please include any appendices, attachments, etc.

If this isn't on file from a previous request, you may limit your search to LLNL, LANL, SNL, and if necessary the associated field offices and/or DOE and NNSA HQ.

The requested document will be immediately and freely available to the public on muckrock.com. This request is not being made for any commercial purpose. I am willing to pay all applicable fees, however I would request you reach out before proceeding if fees will exceed $50.

I would prefer the request be filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available, or CD-ROM if not.

Thanks very much for your assistance. Hope your weather is nice for the first day of fall.


Joseph Durso

From: Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration

Dear Mr. Durso,
The attached PDF acknowledges receipt of your FOIA request. If you have questions email me anytime.
Thank you, Kristen Duran
FOIA/PA Specialist

From: Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration

Good Afternoon Mr. Durso,

I have been working with the site office in order to fulfill your FOIA request (FOIA 19-00355-KD). They have informed me that the document you have requested has been located; however, it will have to go through mandatory declassification, which will not be completed for quite a long time. Through our own research, we have found the summary report for the "Nth Country Experiment" is available within the public domain. If that information is sufficient to fulfill this request, please let me know; or we will continue with the declassification process necessary for your request. Thank you and have a nice day!


Kristen Duran
DRA Contractor
FOIA/PA Specialist
Office of the General Counsel

From: Joseph Durso

Ms. Duran,

Regarding FOIA 19-00355-KD:

Thank you for checking for material available in the public domain. Please proceed with the declassification process on the responsive records. I understand this will take a while.

Thanks as always,

Joseph Durso

From: Joseph Durso

Ms. Duran,

Following up on FOIA 19-00355-KD. I presume this is still somewhere in the declassification review pipeline? Thought I’d check in.


Joseph Durso