FOIL Request, subject: Joseph Yacovelli, alias "Joe Yak" (1928-2006)

T. McElwee filed this request with the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America.
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From: T. McElwee

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:

Records relating to or mentioning Joseph Yacovelli (B. 1/4/1928, D. 4/28/2006) a person known to be a member of the Profaci/Colombo family of La Cosa Nostra. Yacovelli is known by the Bureau to be deceased, as his name appears on the FBI RIDS "Dead List." The page naming Yacovelli is attached as proof. Please note the alternate spellings, as well as the known pseudonym "Joe Yak" (possibly also rendered as "Joe Yac").

To assist in the location of records, the first 5 digits of Yacovelli's Social Security Number are 113-20. In addition to New York, Yacovelli was known to have residences in the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Please conduct a search of the Central Records System, including but not limited to the ELSUR Records System, the Microphone Surveillance (MISUR) Indices, the Physical Surveillance (FISUR) Indices, and the Technical Surveillance (TESUR) Indices, for both main-file records and cross-reference records for relevant names, individuals, agencies and companies.

If any potentially responsive records have been destroyed and/or transferred to NARA, then I request copies of the destruction or transfer slips as well as any other documentation relating to, mentioning or describing said transfer or destruction, to include but not be limited to confirmation that the Bureau has no other copies of said records.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.


T. McElwee

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation

An acknowledgement letter, stating the request is being processed.

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation

There are eFOIA files available for you to download.

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From: Federal Bureau of Investigation

A copy of documents responsive to the request.

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation

There are eFOIA files available for you to download.

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