Older Mayoral Calendars - Immediate Disclosure Request (SF Mayor)

Anonymous Person filed this request with the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco, CA.
Due Feb. 11, 2020
Est. Completion None
Awaiting Response


From: Anonymous Person

Mayor Breed and the Office of the Mayor,

This is a new immediate disclosure request under the Sunshine Ordinance and under the CPRA for:

1) IMMEDIATE DISCLOSURE: an electronic copy of all of London Breed's ("Named Custodians") government calendars (all of them, Prop G and non-Prop G, including but not limited to 'PropG, Mayor (MYR)', 'Calendar, Mayor (MYR)', 'Breed, London (MYR)'' and all successors to or renames of these accounts), scheduling entries, appointments, and meeting invitations from the Requested Dates: October 15, 2019 to October 31, 2019 (inclusive). For calendars, you may provide this by directly exporting to PDF any Outlook view that shows for each and every event at least Subject, Location, Start, End, Recurrence, Meeting Status, Organizer, Show Time As, Required/Optional Attendees, Categories, Importance, Description/Body/Message, and preserving full color, formatting and text-searching. For meeting invitations, you should convert the invitations directly and individually to PDF. This includes declined or not-yet-accepted invitations, and those both sent and received for events on those days. Printing and scanning will be appealed. Use of PDF images as opposed to selectable text will be appealed. For examples of proper production, see DPW's PDF provision here: https://sanfrancisco.nextrequest.com/requests/19-4150 - they provide PDFs of each item, and a screenshot of all of the attendee status. I am explicitly asking for those same parts of these records. All Attachments should also be provided and in their original electronic format.

2) IMMEDIATE DISCLOSURE: Furthermore, I request that a City of San Jose v Superior Court (2017) search be performed of each Named Custodian to provide: calendar items, scheduling entries, and meeting invitations for the Requested Dates that are present on their personal calendars/email or on personal accounts/devices/property (solely to the extent the record or portion thereof relates to the public's business). Any electronic format easily generated by the Named Custodian is acceptable here. Notwithstanding Gov Code 6253.3(b)(1), you may redact the Named Custodian's personal email addresses "used by the employee to conduct public business, or necessary to identify a person in an otherwise disclosable communication."

3a) regular disclosure: Furthermore, I request .ICS copies of each record identified in #1.

3b) regular disclosure: Finally, the following information, regardless of format, for each record identified in #1:
i) creation timestamp,
ii) modification timestamp,
iii) creator identity,
iv) timezone,
v) name, email address, and acceptance status of each attendee
vi) categories
vii) importance
viii) organizer name and email address
ix) subject
x) location
xi) description/body
If you provide all of (i)-(xi) in 3a, you may disregard this 3b. For 3b you may use whichever format you wish as long as this public information, which is not an information security record, is not withheld.

It is likely that you will refuse some portion, and I will appeal all withholdings, exemptions, delays, and refusals. Preserve originals of all records during my appeals.

All records must be provided in rolling fashion. Every withholding (including redactions) must be justified with clear reference to a statute or case law.

Provide only those records without fees.

My purpose is to maintain a permanent record of the Mayor's business, including through her top surrogates, regardless of how you wish to destroy records internally. Such requests will be made continually and periodically to retain this permanent record, both forward- and backward-looking. If you would like to suggest a change in the form of future periodic requests that would provide *all* of the same information I've requested, with less work, I may consider such suggestions - however that will not affect this request.

NOTE: Please be certain you have properly redacted all of your responses. Once you send them to us, there is no going back. The email address sending this request is a publicly- viewable mailbox. All of your responses (including all responsive records) may be instantly and automatically available to the public online via the MuckRock.com FOIA service used to issue this request (though the requester is an anonymous user, not a representative of MuckRock). Nothing herein is legal, IT, or professional advice of any kind. The author disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability or fitness. In no event shall the author be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or any other damages whatsoever. The digital signature, if any, in this email is not an indication of a binding agreement or offer; it merely authenticates the sender. Please do not include any confidential information, as I intend that these communications with the City all be disclosable public records.



From: Office of the Mayor


Your request is neither simple nor routine nor readily answerable and requires consultation with one or more other departments. Accordingly, we will respond within the full 10 day period for a regular request, barring the need for a further extension. See Cal. Gov. Code 6253 and Admin. Code 67.25(b).

Hank Heckel
Compliance Officer
Office of the Mayor
City and County of San Francisco

From: Anonymous Person

Why have we not received these calendars?