2005-2020 SAPD Arbitration Awards for Disciplinary Action (City of San Antonio)

James Dykman filed this request with the City of San Antonio of San Antonio, TX.
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Multi Request 2005-2020 SAPD Arbitration Awards for Disciplinary Action


From: James Dykman

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act, I hereby request the following records:

All Arbitration Awards regarding disciplinary appeals made by San Antonio Police Officers over past 15 years that resulted in disciplinary action.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 business days, as the statute requires.


James Dykman

From: City of San Antonio

Dear James Dykman:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor of Texas declared a public health emergency and disaster and issued an Executive Order for people to "Stay Home" to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect the health and safety of Texans by limiting gathering and restricting work activities to those that are essential and support critical infrastructure.  City of San Antonio administrative departments are closed to in-person contact.  Many departments are on skeleton crews while remaining staff is working remotely or is present but involved directly in the public health or epidemic response.  Too Few Employees have the access necessary to respond to public information requests at this time.  Therefore in accordance with the guidance issued by the Office of the Texas Attorney General, this is not a "business day" for the purpose of Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, the Public Information Act, and all PIA-related processes are currently paused.

From: City of San Antonio

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City of San Antonio In response to the COVID-19 pandemic,  City of San Antonio administrative departments closed on April 6, 2020.  The City of San Antonio reopened its offices and resumed business day operations on November 23, 2020.  This action will restart all PIA-related processes.  All requests received prior to April 6, 2020 will resume processing and any requests submitted during the skeleton crew day period (April 6 – November 20) will be officially noted as being received and begin being processed on the 23 rd. This notice has been published on the City's website, and notification will be sent to each requester with pending or new requests.


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To James Dykman, Please be advised that the City of San Antonio does not monitor requests that have been closed.  If a requestor desires to seek additional information, we recommend the creation of a new request (please visit the Open Records Center).  If you have further questions, please contact open records staff for City requests and SAPD Open Records for Police requests. (https://u8387778.ct.sendgrid.net/ls/click?upn=6HtRfOYLt5fXvpttM-2FU1HXMjwvo-2BoqyxigpZhDNJxzpuXaYxn4ceDIg8nDZhoGT8y0D1Q4Cp8o08-2BAoqfAdnXA-3D-3Dbb-x_ILCCEv-2BvdyhX9GKle6Ax0MfcrBY-2BjxpaSVe-2FnatG8ZtvC3pr9mi7knwM71Xx79Q0Y7sEbh1l-2FxlPXEAw56nxG-2F9ZZBxEbCZCAXMKuMBLivYiketKS-2B9pUb9ET-2BUMYlbndOV87M3qkHRhi5y5trktjoReiM32b-2BzzfcXuzDeyiGsNxT00jcwnAoL4E8NsnhK6ipyi7syhKeZoh0zQFyB4lRv7Zy5CrYi5EJpfKJ0knL6t4LX7MisndDwT4jzXwm61Bm5t32GTxeeJZpL2ACH-2F-2B3rMlY8Aa6zfTf45Skx8koIz9wxij9gRd4Q-2FSJfW6DUvd76gMjvoPr6Dy3p1wtLc14SjJFrEplP0RyfWgVNJmEMOqUiDCid3kmmIK7CDNOTmKU4E4PFjjrZB8hXSNxkHAw-3D-3D) City of San Antonio


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