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Muira McCammon filed this request with the Department of Health of Louisiana.
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From: Muira McCammon

Dear Louisianan FOI Officer,

I am enclosing a FOI request as a PDF.

Thank you for processing it,

Muira McCammon

From: Department of Health

We cannot find a record of a request under the name of Muira McCammon. Could this possibly have been submitted under another name?

From: Muira McCammon


On 06/29/2020, I submitted the attached public records request to your office. I'm writing to you, because I am still interested in receiving documents related to that request, and I am unclear as to what happened with my request.

Thank you,
Muira McCammon
PhD candidate, University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School for Communication
ML, University of Pennsylvania Law School (2020)

From: Department of Health

Ms. McCammon:
I'm having trouble locating your request in our public record files from last year. Did you receive any correspondence from LDH acknowledging receipt of your request and assigning a tracking number?
Michael Coleman