Zencity Social Media Monitoring Reports (City Manager)

Greg Buhl filed this request with the City Manager's Office of Long Beach, CA.
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Due June 18, 2021
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From: Greg Buhl


Pursuant to the California Public Records Act I am requesting the following records:

-ZenCity Social Media Monitoring reports received by the City Manager since the city began using the service.

According to the LB Post, “a memo written by Lea Eriksen, the city’s Director of Technology and Innovation, states that the software reports go to 14 departments and 92 users. Those departments are Police, Parks, Water, Health, the City Prosecutor’s office, Library, the City Manager, Public Works, Recreation, Marine, Economic Development, Fire, Financial Management and Development Services.” (lbpost.com/news/zencity-artificial-intelligence-social-media-monitoring-covid-long-beach)

Therefore, you should have responsive documents to this request.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter in the time frame set out in the CPRA.
Greg Buhl

From: City Manager's Office

Dear Greg Buhl:

Thank you for submitting a request for public records to the City of Long Beach. Pursuant to California Government Code § 6253, staff will review your request and respond within 10 days to notify you if there are responsive records, or if an extension is necessary to determine whether responsive records exist.
If your request was received after business hours or on a weekend or holiday, the next business day will be considered the date of receipt. The 10-day response period starts with the first calendar day after the date of receipt (Ca. Civ. Code, § 10).
You may be contacted by a City staff member if there are questions regarding your request.
Thank you again for contacting the City of Long Beach. You may track the status of your request here in My Request Center.

From: City Manager's Office

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RE: Public Records Request Reference Number: C011292-060821
In response to PRA # C011292-060821 received on June 08, 2021, the City of Long Beach has determined that responsive records exist and will be disclosed.  City staff is working on compiling and reviewing the appropriate documents and will produce them promptly within a reasonable time frame.  Staff will notify you upon producing records if portions of documents will be withheld from disclosure due to exemptions in accordance with law.
Thank you for contacting the City of Long Beach.  If you have any questions, please contact the Records Coordinator Office at (562) 570-6711.


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