2012 Kauai PD Death Report on Jack Lee Stahley

Codefore Publishing filed this request with the Kauai Police Department of Kauai County, HI.

It is a clone of this request.

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From: James Benish

This request should be sent to sblane@kauai.gov

From: James Benish

Contact information, codefore@aol.com 619-591-8801

From: James Benish


DATE: _10/19/2015___________________________

TO: _Kauai Freedom of Informaiton Office_______________________________________________________________________________

FROM: ______Codefore Publishing ___________________________________________________________________________________
Name or Alias
__Jim Benish v_______________________________________________________________________________________
Contact Information

Although you are not required to provide any personal information, you should provide enough information to allow the agency to contact you about this request. The processing of this request may be stopped if the agency is unable to contact you. Therefore, please provide any information that will allow the agency to contact you (name or alias, telephone or fax number, mailing address, e-mail address, etc.).


Please provide the Kauai Police Death report #2012-02127 to include evidence logs, witness statements and Autopsy Report.

Please provide any and all reports made to the Kauai Police Department by Jack Lee Stahley and specifically a report of a threat to harm Jack Lee Stahley by Bradley Parries.

I WOULD LIKE: (please check one or more of the options below)

0 To inspect the government record.
X A copy of the government record: (Please check one of the options below.) See the back of this page for information about fees that you may be required to pay for agency services to process your record request. Note: Copying and transmission charges may also apply to certain options.

0 Pick up at agency (date and time): ______________________________________________
0 Mail
0 Fax (toll free and only if available)
X Other, if available (please specify): ___Email____________________________________________
0 If the agency maintains the records in a form other than paper, please advise in which format you would prefer to have the record.

X Electronic 0 Audio 0 Other (please specify):_____________________

0 Check this box if you are attaching a request for waiver of fees in the public interest
(see waiver information on back).



You may be charged fees for the services that the agency must perform when processing your record request, including fees for making photocopies and other lawful fees. The first $30 of fees charged for searching for a record, reviewing, and segregating will not be charged to you. Any amount over $30 will be charged to you. Fees are as follows:

Search for a Record $2.50 for 15 minutes
Review and Segregation of a Record $5.00 for 15 minutes


Up to $60 of fees for searching for, segregating and reviewing records may be waived when the waiver would serve the public interest as described in section 2-71-32, Hawaii Administrative Rules. If you wish to apply for a waiver of fees in the public interest, you must attach to this request a statement of facts, including your identity as the requester, to show how the waiver of fees would serve the public interest. The criteria for this waiver, found at section 2-71-32, Hawaii Administrative Rules, are:

(1) The requested record pertains to the operations or activities of an agency;
(2) The record is not readily available in the public domain; and
(3) The requester has the primary intention and the actual ability to widely disseminate information from the government record to the public at large.


The agency to which you addressed your request must respond within a set time period. The agency will normally respond to you within 10 business days from the date it receives your request; however, in extenuating circumstances the agency must respond within 20 business days from the date of your request. If you have questions about the response time, you may contact the agency’s UIPA contact person. If you are not satisfied with the agency’s response, you may call the Office of Information Practices at 808-586-1400.


You have certain responsibilities under §2-71-16, Hawaii Administrative Rules. You may obtain a copy of these rules from the Lieutenant Governor's Office or from the Office of Information Practices. These responsibilities include making arrangements to inspect and copy records, providing further clarification or description of the requested record as instructed by the agency's notice, and making a prepayment of fees, if assessed.

From: Mary Daubert

Aloha Jim,
I am including Sarah Blane in this email so she can respond to your request.


From: Sarah Blane

Thank you, Mary.


This email is to confirm receipt of your request on this day, Oct. 21. (It states below that this is a follow-up request, but I did not receive this request prior to today).

The Kauai Police Department is processing this request and we will be in touch.


From: Sarah Blane

Aloha Jim,

By way of this email, I putting you in touch with KPD's Records Supervisor, Eunice. KPD is currently processing your request and Eunice will be in touch with you directly on how to obtain the requested documents.

Thank you,
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From: Eunice Apeles

Hello Jim,
Your request for Kauai Police Department report number 2012-02127 is ready.
Please see the attached billing.

From: MuckRock

To Whom It May Concern:

Please find enclosed a check for $6.75 to satisfy the fee associated with the attached public records request.

Thank you.

From: James Benish

Good morning Eunice. Can you advise when I might be able to see the files? Or a name at the PD for me to inquire.



From: Eunice Apeles

Hi Jim,
The hard copy report was mailed out to you this morning.
To the address provided on your UIPA request form.
P.O. Box 55819 Boston,MA 02205-5819
Kauai Police Departments polices do not allow me to email or fax copies outside of “County & State” email addresses.

From: James Benish

I did not request a hard copy. I have always received my requests electronically. Why was a hard copy sent?

From: Kauai Police Department

A copy of documents responsive to the request.

From: Kauai Police Department

A cover letter granting the request and outlining any exempted materials, if any.

From: Eunice Apeles

Hello Jim,
Please see attached correspondence from you dated October 30, 2015.
*Note page#3 & 4 of your correspondence (highlighted in yellow) the report was sent to the address in which you provided.
"For mailed responses, please address (see note)"
DEPT MR 21910
PO Box 55819
Boston, MA 02205-5819

This is the same address I used on your Billing when I emailed the bill to you.
I mailed out the report on Nov. 10, 2015 after receiving payment on Nov. 09, 2015

From: Kauai Police Department

An interim response, stating the request is being processed.

From: Eunice Apeles

Dear Mr. Benish,

This request was responded to on January 19, 2016 via certified mail. As noted in the response, all responsive records maintained by the Kauai Police Department have been provided.
If you believe the response did not address a portion of your request, please clarify what portion was not addressed.

To the extent that you believe that the County has wrongfully withheld public records I strongly encourage you to contact the Office of Information Practices (“OIP”) at 808 586-1400, or oip@hawaii.gov