Long Range Acoustical Device (Chicago Police Department)

Curtis Waltman filed this request with the Chicago Police Department of Chicago, IL.
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Multi Request Long Range Acoustical Device


From: Curtis Waltman

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140/1 to 11), I hereby request the following records:

This request deals with the Long Range Acoustical Device (most commonly referred to as an LRAD) manufactured by the LRAD Corporation. I am asking for:

-Contractual documents. Examples of this are invoices, purchases orders, contracts, loan agreements, procurement documents etc.

-Records of communication (letters, emails.) The domain for LRAD Corporation is lradx.com. The general sales email is sales@lradx.com.

-Any training documents or guidelines for the use of the LRAD. This is especially important due to the ability for the LRAD to leave long term hearing damage in those that are exposed to its warning mode.

-Any utilization logs for this device.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 5 business days, as the statute requires.


Curtis Waltman

From: Chicago Police Department

Extension Notice FOIA # P436067
The Chicago Police Department received your Freedom of Information Act Request on December 8, 2017. Under the Freedom of Information Act, a public body may extend the time to respond to a FOIA request by up to 5 business days for a limited number of reasons. Pursuant to Section 5 ILCS 140/3(e) of the Act, the CPD is extending the time to respond to your request by 5 business days from the original due date for the following reason(s):

( ) The requested records are stored in whole or in part at other locations other than the office having charge of the requested records;

(X) The requested records require the collection of a substantial number of specified records;

( ) The request is couched in categorical terms and requires an extensive search for the records responsive to it;

( ) The requested records have not been located in the course of routine search and additional efforts are being made to locate them;

( ) The requested records require examination and evaluation by personnel having the necessary competence and discretion to determine if they are exempt from disclosure or should be revealed only with appropriate deletions;

() The request for records cannot be complied by the public body within the time limits prescribed by the Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/3(c), without unduly burdening or interfering with the operations of the public body;

(X ) There is a need for consultation, which shall be conducted with all practicable speed, with another public body or among two or more components of any public body having a substantial interest in the determination or in the subject matter of the request.

Chicago Police Department
FOIA Section

This message is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed, and may contain information that is PRIVILEGED, CONFIDENTIAL AND EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible for delivering that message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this document is strictly prohibited.

From: Chicago Police Department

Good Morning Mr. Waltman:

FOIA has received your request. I am working on completing FOIA P436067.

You asked for information pertaining to e-mails. Please provide a plausible date range for said request. Additionally, because I am consulting with various units/sections, please allow for additional time to complete. I hope to have said request completed and forwarded to you by or before January 19.

Thank you.

From: Chicago Police Department


I recently sent you an e-mail regarding your request. I requested clarification and follow-up information and consent. I am working to complete your request.

I look forward to your response by Tuesday morning, Jan. 16, 2017.

Thank you.

From: Curtis Waltman

Good Afternoon Ms. Washington,

Would an email date range of 1/1/12 to the present date be plausible? Thank you for your time and effort on this request!

Curtis Waltman

From: Chicago Police Department


FOIA has received your request. Please see the attached information. Your request is currently completed and closed.

Thank you.



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