Charlotte, NC, Stolen/Recovered Gun Reports 2

Brian Freskos filed this request with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department of Charlotte, NC.


From: Brian Freskos

Dear Records Officer,

Pursuant to North Carolina Public Records Law (G.S. §§ 132-1 through 132-10), I hereby request the police reports, incident reports, crime reports, arrest reports, or any other material detailing the incidents under the following case numbers:

1) 20100219-2347-02
2) 20110926-0205-00
3) 20120117-2329-03
4) 20121004-1648-00
5) 20121016-0308-01
6) 20130321-1616-03
7) 20130409-1920-02
8) 20130424-1906-00
9) 20130516-0103-03
10) 20130703-1345-03
11) 20130707-1626-04
12) 20130709-1527-03
13) 20131206-1316-12
14) 20131222-1825-01
15) 20141001-0605-02
16) 20140517-0416-01
17) 20140707-1413-00
18) 20140902-1344-00
19) 20150601-0858-03
20) 20150802-0847-00
21) 20150802-1328-00
22) 20150806-0206-01
23) 20150820-1410-04
24) 20150903-2141-02
25) 20151109-2252-01
26) 20151223-2250-00
27) 20160310-1204-01
28) 20160721-0333-01
29) 20161011-1711-01
30) 20161026-1525-02
31) 20161209-2210-03

These are cases involving stolen guns that were recovered as part of a criminal investigation. We identified them through an analysis of data from your department as well as from hundreds of other jurisdictions. The connection between stolen firearms and violent crimes is a topic of great concern to many in the law enforcement community, as well as the public at large. This was evident by the fact that when the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department recently announced that it was handing out 100 free gun-safes for cars to the public, the safes were scooped up in fewer than five hours.

For each case, please provide records that include the time, date, location and nature of the violation of law; the name, age, sex, address, employment, and alleged violation of law of any person arrested, charged, or indicted; the circumstances surrounding the arrest, including whether any weapons were involved or seized; if firearms were involved, then the make, model, and serial number of those firearms; a narrative description of the incident, arrest or offense; and the name, sex, age, address, and contact information of any complaining witnesses (G.S. 132-1.4(c)).

I am a reporter with The Trace, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit news organization. I am filing this request through MuckRock’s public records request management service, which I use to better track and streamline requests.

I currently have another, similar request pending with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. That request was filed on Aug. 9, 2017, and acknowledged on Aug. 10, 2017. Please treat that request separately.

As a member of the news media, I will be making information obtained from this request available to the general public; I am not requesting it for commercial purposes.

I would prefer it if you emailed me the documents in a .pdf format, as provided by G.S. §132-6.2.

You can email the documents to me by replying to this message. If you have any trouble communicating with me at this email, you can also email me at my work email address: If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me or call me at (919) 522-6354.

If for any reason the documents must be provided via standard mail, please send them to the following address:

The Trace
Attn: Brian Freskos
428 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013

In the event that there are fees, I would appreciate if you informed me of the total estimated charges before completing my request and sent me an invoice outlining the reasons for those charges. I would also appreciate if you provided an estimated timeframe for completing this request.

If my request is denied in whole or in part, please cite the applicable statutory exemption.

Thank you in advance for your help with this request.

Brian Freskos

From: Brian Freskos


I just wanted to check on the status of this request. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is a delay. I can be reached at (919) 522-6354.

Thank you,

From: Moorefield, David L.

Good morning,
Please see the attached reports you requested. Thank you for interest in the CMPD,

Lt. Dave Moorefield

Lieutenant Dave Moorefield
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
Office of the Chief
S.W.A.T. Negotiator Commander
601 E. Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

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From: Brian Freskos

Thank you Lt. Moorefield!

From: Brian Freskos

Hi Lt. Moorefield,

Thank you again for your help with my previous requests for police reports. There is one more I was hoping to obtain, regarding the theft of a Glock 17 bearing serial number SGT997 on 4/12/2012. The case number is 20120412-1808-01. Would it be possible to get this report? I can submit an all new request if required. We found that this gun was recovered in a shooting in Trenton, New Jersey.


From: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department


Summer Sanders
Police Records Technician
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
601 E. Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
704-336-2848 - Phone
704-336-6599 -- Fax

From: Brian Freskos

Thank you so much!

Brian Freskos

From: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Summer Sanders
Police Records Technician
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
601 E. Trade Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
704-336-2848 - Phone
704-336-6599 -- Fax