Boca Raton, Florida, Stolen Firearms

Brian Freskos filed this request with the Boca Raton Police Department of Boca Raton, FL.
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From: Brian Freskos

Dear Records Officer,

Pursuant to the Florida Sunshine Law, I am requesting the following data or documents from the Boca Raton Police Department:

It is our understanding that law enforcement agencies keep detailed records about firearms that were reported stolen in their jurisdictions. This information is often held internally in a property or crime analysis database, which can be queried for specific property.

We are therefore requesting the following for each case of reported firearm theft in your jurisdiction from Jan. 1, 2010 to the present:

-- The serial number, make, model, caliber and type of each firearm that was reported stolen
-- The address of the reported theft
-- The name of the reporting party
-- The police report number and/or incident number for the firearm theft
-- The date the theft was reported
-- Any other columns available

I would appreciate if your agency provided this information in a spreadsheet with a .csv, .xlsx, or .xls file extension.

If providing a .xslx or .xls file, please make sure all columns, but especially the serial number column, are downloaded and formatted as “Text.” When a column is not formatted as text, Microsoft Excel automatically deletes leading zeros, and a serial number that is actually 012345 will appear as 12345.We require the leading zeros for our analysis.

If a spreadsheet or list cannot be provided, please provide copies of the police reports, incident reports, or offense reports for each case of reported firearm theft during that timeframe.

I am a reporter with The Trace, a 501c3 nonprofit news organization. We will be making information obtained from this request available to the general public and are not requesting it for commercial purposes. I am making this request through MuckRock's public records management service.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you informed me of the total charges before completing my request. We request that if you send an invoice, you make it out to The Trace.

I would prefer the requested information be sent via an e-mail attachment if available, or a mailed CD-ROM if not. If standard mail must be used, we ask that you send the records to the following address:

The Trace
Attn: Brian Freskos
428 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Thank you in advance for your help with this request. I look forward to receiving your response. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me on my cell phone: (919) 522-6354


Brian Freskos
Investigations, The Trace

From: Economou, Mark

Hi Brian,

Our records department forwarded your request to our office since we handle all media requests. Just to clarify your request: While some agencies may keep detailed records regarding stolen firearms, this is not a requirement, and we do not. Any firearm stolen would most likely be taken during a home or auto burglary rather than just a theft of a firearm.

If you would like to request those records you would need to detail specifically which crimes you would be interested in. Then we would have to read each report and redact accordingly. For seven years of reports (you requested since 2010) this would be voluminous. Once we see what your specific request entails and we see the number of reports, we can give you an estimate for the time and expense involved. Please let us know how you wish to proceed.

Mark Economou | Public Information Manager
Boca Raton Police Department
100 NW 2nd Avenue • Boca Raton, FL 33432
P 561-338-1374 |<>

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