Facial recognition/false arrest lawsuits

Todd Feathers filed this request with the Office of the Attorney General of Arizona.

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From: Todd Feathers

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Arizona Public Records Law, I hereby request the following records:

1) Copies of any notices of potential legal action (such as an intent to sue letter), formal legal complaints, or comparable documents sent to the attorney general's office regarding cases of alleged misidentification by law enforcement facial recognition technology since Jan. 1, 2018. In the event the department does not have the record-keeping ability to locate cases relating to a category such as false identifications/arrests, I ask that you inquire with department employees who would be knowledgeable about such cases in order to identify responsive documents.

2) Any responses from the attorney general's office or settlement documents relating to cases responsive to the above aspect of this request.

3) A list, database, spreadsheet, or comparable document detailing each false arrest lawsuit brought against the law enforcement department(s) represented by your agency since Jan. 1, 2018, including, where available, the name of the plaintiff, the name of the defendant, the court docket number, date filed, date settled/closed, settlement amount, and any other details available through the department's case management system.

I'm happy to discuss any aspect of this request, should further clarification be helpful.

I ask that all fees be waived as I am a journalist and I intend to use the requested records to publish articles in the public interest and not for any commercial purpose.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 business days.


Todd Feathers

From: Office of the Attorney General

This request is still being processed. Thank you for your patience.

Rachelle Lumpp
Public Information Officer
Arizona Attorney General's Office
2005 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004

From: Office of the Attorney General

Mr. Feathers,

Please see the response to your public records request attached.
Thank you.

The following files are attached to this message:

- Feathers, Todd 2-26-21.pdf (103 KB), Checksum: 0ed28c74708a7804fe070add1c6ca8e5efdccb59720d1c0c8e8ff57b17a136d1

- [1] 1 2017-03-22 Complaint_Redacted.pdf (317 KB), Checksum: 4a7045b33275e4da9b00351a04f332c713d2249fbd7dacadc61838fd339d0730

- 1 AZ-BURTON-000001-000002 NOC 06-10-2019_Redacted.pdf (570 KB), Checksum: 9bbb60ab84a8cb1243ee32cedfc546760c0ad42f367441f0b2c4dae1e7f65203

- 2 AZ-BURTON-000003-000006 NOC 04-09-2020_Redacted.pdf (3.62 MB), Checksum: aa6e45dbae264c56790b0303a7a0bec3b3a7ddc506b3f2faa55a3ee25fa02403

- Warren, John - NOC - AGO recd 4-20-20_Redacted.pdf (1.4 MB), Checksum: 7f8f6aa3532a676c5b35c1cea29a7a063e0d3fb3ac044f30bcc1179593bc9620

- White v. Tsai - Complaint.pdf (335 KB), Checksum: 3f86519e1e41d164dd27c716eaefad3d08d776f6f6e65e1605e7ab4b16a7f31a

- NOC - Reynalda Lopez Osuna (DPS)(Jason)_Redacted.pdf (2.59 MB), Checksum: b03b04b468bdb223a07315ed47ee1dc1efc3a8637a8369076170d7c661766d6f

- NOC - Tatiana Struthers (DPS).pdf (910 KB), Checksum: 8e1d7a5c6feaadc04dffcb05bb8a656ef11d4556bdc2e98bd52c9a9b858e10a0

- Notice of Claim (2)_Redacted.pdf (347 KB), Checksum: afa509c27516360f3d7b0d0d1a0e21d6d487614ef2a8274aa2481fb3430b9a6a

- Notice of Claim.pdf (245 KB), Checksum: 8cc9e81a9e4de75878adbbac09793b77fc4562faccaf93e1a23aebbcc76abd4b

- PHX-#5107067-v1-Merritt_-_2016-03-11_NOC_Redacted.pdf (358 KB), Checksum: 9d320df97141800d2375b4e35a8561e12c71959afccc8540851c2015393e9326

- PHX-#6250978-v1-Merritt__Complaint_9-15-17_Redacted.pdf (3.78 MB), Checksum: 3c0c5d3d98fbd6366ad16b742c380d9656c895ee4dd2732abf5b0237c3588ec6

- PHX-#7809014-v1-Kane__Zane_-_NOC_Redacted.pdf (4.89 MB), Checksum: af51623473a61f5828cd18bed703c2f27a26b17a3614accb3402011f68d56522

- Settlement Agreement and Release_Struthers_ G201920430-1_2020-1-03 (full....pdf (564 KB), Checksum: 2d7f41767bc93f589f99f27b99aa94cef77ae5e8b2bae323daaba57d955e0926

- Villanueva NOC G202020951-1_NA_Redacted.pdf (456 KB), Checksum: 7f2c3a1237eda1cccf7458f797f60f8cc2c3c0a7b464ab8b4b4df8742d46a9db

- 2020-06-12 [1] Complaint_Redacted.pdf (23.2 MB), Checksum: 23678dc0001c814aa6f109a9b049136e3287e7e793eb1fdd5400fb61e32e8a5f

- 2020-10-27_NOC_served_this_date_on_AGO.PDF (3.04 MB), Checksum: 2566e253a5bb6b4b621b8e086fc8755d3acdecfcd0d230ff6ec20c6b84f24a2c

- Carter, Robert - NOC_Redacted.pdf (1.73 MB), Checksum: 1b76a68575307729ad8bace1b4e72c11e19b634c75384a067f2d1e24cc193ece

- Complaint - Lopez-Osuna v. State (DPS)_Redacted.pdf (4.48 MB), Checksum: 9724a5875352101ffc9c2d1843d8f403d37201081729f7c2987961c9f1be0b69

- Complaint 9-30-19.pdf (464 KB), Checksum: fe00974ee9f922d79cd77a7cdbe46db4550cdeebe33d5430ad886b0f15302c30

- Fajardo, John - NOC_Redacted.pdf (7.35 MB), Checksum: 759d470a1bdf5c319bcd80c69611d37e041573dbcd72a0c318daf6e34581229a

- Groh - 2018-07-19 Complaint.pdf (255 KB), Checksum: 0e7caaf982aabd500505f9f9a58189e6b4e0687836ced91aa6e8445b34988ca2

- Hill, Percy - lawsuit.pdf (895 KB), Checksum: 27e426a73d37e4fab1650f465468dc6c87ca7d68c09f29e1da986c6fe1aa4b92

- NOC - Leslie Taylor (DPS)(Rob)_Redacted.pdf (309 KB), Checksum: bf9a4ac686a9f499445f65f02c943ecb26a522e542c759bc2062837777926642

- 2019-02-21_NOC_rec_d_this_date_Redacted.pdf (1.29 MB), Checksum: 2d7a56d1cc59e71afeec3427467f3f683d4762544d371d5a89e9d19830e4bd41

- 2019-06-10 NOC (7986887)_Redacted.pdf (5.3 MB), Checksum: 43442953895d9b534748a2503d22b47f41c5191aa8e768891a133c0047a8bf11

- 2019-07-29 NOC_Redacted.pdf (1.08 MB), Checksum: 785a2fe0e27c36a00c20023d4524e3e985251c36963c5cea65d6b36c7be5b163

- 2020-01-27_Complaint_Redacted.pdf (333 KB), Checksum: 26d888123d8dd879def320359516e43c93953f18a0516887d866165c739488f7

- 2020-05-13_DKT1_Complaint_Redacted.pdf (2.75 MB), Checksum: 8214227c22a7cab6b30bbef0c255be02ad84af42a6b1308817fe56ee57cc3ed9

- 2017-04-06 AQ Notice of Claim (6744904).PDF (534 KB), Checksum: 7ccbcbed6f97f07189059c3d2b5100095068da1b08274304a60deb0a359e4457

- 2017-11-07 AQ Complaint (6745689).pdf (268 KB), Checksum: 28f937904b57b56e7dd59f2a1fd77f18fcf893006ac037550614f677a8694f0a

- 2017-11-28 Notice of Claim_Redacted.pdf (379 KB), Checksum: 85ac1d95f500a92be0ad589138b8283abba07b432778dc2b427d8bdbc7c87b21

- 2018-01-29 SP Notice of Claim.pdf (1.19 MB), Checksum: aa4686342a9d506911d61036cb297deac42645f0b864ab46b9d811a9963c5b36

- 2018-02-01 NOC_served this date_Redacted.pdf (2.79 MB), Checksum: 4b3c7ad47a5de7f666604ba571541a1af91df9fb573ab2367ff5f29804443759

- 2018-04-18 SP Complaint [1].pdf (456 KB), Checksum: 41ad7883c037b2e98bed300ed447135d031624d3d39d2eff4a146adac8ec49b4

- 2018-09-18 NOC served this date_Redacted.pdf (237 KB), Checksum: 1b3c735536abcb9060000b637e0ee15656f0087e7342e4aeaecc0a2ef071a9bd

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