Crowdfund Request: St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission Complaints

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On July 2, I submitted a sunshine request for all complaints and comments submitted to the MTC from drivers and passengers in the last 18 months. After a lengthy back-and-forth, they have responded requiring a $350 deposit to process approximately 120 discovered complaints. The MTC will have a role in policing and enforcing vehicle-for-hire and technology-network-companies long after Uber-X is decided. The public has a role in holding the MTC accountable as a regulatory body, and it can do that by requesting documents such as these.

Reviewing these complaints publicly will offer another level of review ensuring codes and their enforcement adequately prevent unsafe, discriminatory, and other unacceptable practices against drivers and passengers from vehicle-for-hire companies and also transportation-network-companies (Uber/Lyft), once they operate in St. Louis.

If you’d like to see these documents released to the public, consider contributing anything from $5, to the full $402 (includes Muckrock’s fee). The documents will be posted on Muckrock and available to everyone as soon as they’re recieved. Any support is appreciated, and we all benefit from a more transparent MTC.

Backed by Mike Ziegler, John Martin, Benjamin Bathke, Sean Marshall, and 7 others.

$402.50 raised out of $402.50.

This crowdfund has ended.

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