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Please help me raise money to research the state of journalism education throughout the United States.

Teaching journalism to high school students is not just teaching the basics to future reporters, but it allows an educational pathway to the nation’s future voters, entrepreneurs and leaders and how they consume information responsibly.

I am sending a FOIA request to all 50 states and examining the curriculum per state. Each request is a basic $5 to start. When some agencies and departments need labor charges paid for, it could be upwards of hundreds. However, I am currently raising $500 to cover the cost to request records from each state’s department of education, the DoE on the Federal level and to FOIA specific school districts to understand their basic journalism curriculum.

Thank you for helping me with my study!

Backed by Laurie Sahagian, Carol Biernacki, Josh Sullivan, Lori and Greg Kitchen, and 1 other.

$165.00 raised out of $575.00.

This crowdfund has ended.

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