Crowdfund Request: Strom Thurmond (FBI)

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Staunch segregationist Strom Thurmond had a record-setting Senate run - nearly 50 years - and a monumentally-long life - he lived to be a 100 - during which he also amassed many more pages of FBI assistance than most ever do: 4600.

Of these, roughly 650, which include details of his attempts to discredit Martin Luther King, Jr., have been previously released.

But there remain thousands that have yet to reach the public, the majority of which the agency claims document the many threats against the Senator’s life.

MuckRock wants to get every last scrap on the controversial Congressman from South Carolina. Each dollar donated will help us release these historical materials to the public in perpetuity.

Backed by Paul Kruczynski.

$25.00 raised out of $149.50.

This crowdfund has ended.

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