Predictive algorithms, big data analytics, and "smart technologies" deployed by governments in the U.S.

A growing database of known uses by local and federal U.S. agencies of automated decision making and related technologies, including related policies, caselaw, and research groups.

A feature of Algorithmic Control: Automated Decisionmaking in America’s Cities brought to you by MuckRock and the Rutgers Institute for Information Policy & Law (RIIPL).

Some examples of technologies and policies:

  • Facial recognition technology

  • Location-based transportation planning tools

  • Predictive policing

  • Risk assessment tools used in judicial proceedings

  • Housing and homelessness service tools

  • Social service algorithmic decision systems

  • Algorithmic decision systems in government assistance or protection

  • Educational service delivery tools

  • Algorithmic impact assessments

  • Bans on automated decision making systems

  • Procurement policies

  • Oversight measures and standards

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