Help us discover what cities offered Amazon in their HQ2 proposals

In September 2017, Amazon announced its search for a second headquarters, replete with 50,000 high-paying jobs and an expected $5 billion investment in construction. But instead of conducting the search themselves, Amazon requested proposals from cities and regions interested in the offer, creating a flurry of submissions from coast to coast.

The online retailer is known for shifting the way people shop and live their day-to-day lives, and now the Amazon HQ2 bidding process will have implications on how big business interact with local governments and vice versa. We’re trying to uncover details of all 238 proposals submitted to Amazon and all other potentially other relevant details to the bidding process. Is there someplace that you know submitted a bid that we’ve missed? Did you notice something in a bid that we didn’t? With your help, we can uncover city attitudes toward the ecommerce giant and large corporations in general, and what they’re willing to offer to bring money in.

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