Governments in Crisis: state and local responses to COVID-19

We are logging state and local government measures taken in response to the spread of the coronavirus strain that causes the disease COVID-19. Part of this collection will be storing files — primarily, PDF declarations of a state of emergency and other executive orders. This MuckRock Assignment is intended to break those documents down into the measures they contain. The aim of this project is to better understand how states and local governments are responding to this public health crisis.

Read the Contributor’s guide before submitting to this assignment and record your work in the Document log.

Each submission to this assignment should be a single measure. A government directive, such as a governor’s executive order, may contain many measures.

We intend to write these measures into a catalogue of government efforts to deal with the spread of coronavirus and lessen its impact. We hope this resource will help people compare what measures are and are not being taken in their communities and better understand the realm of possible government action in response to a health crisis like this one. The files will be stored in a DocumentCloud Beta project with the same title: Governments in Crisis: state a local responses to COVID-19.

The URL where the document containing this measure was originally found or stored

Link to where the same document is stored in the DocumentCloud Project

e.g. closed all k-12 schools

When did this measure begin?

Local time when measure took effect on the date above (if not specified leave blank)

When will/did the measure end?

Local time when measure will end on the date above (if not specified leave blank)

Check if the measure indicates that the measure will be effective for the duration of the pandemic or crisis without a specific expiration date.

Select all that apply but limit this to things directly impacted (i.e. school shut downs affect employment but that isn't directly an employment response)

Which level of government implemented this measure?

Where did this measure take place?

ONLY if this is a county government measure — otherwise leave blank

ONLY if this is a city village municipality or township government measure — otherwise leave blank

Anything unusual or extra you think we should note about this measure

When selected, we will note you contributed to the project and list your name next to responses marked public